Why South East Can’t Form Regional Security …Umahi

Why South East Can’t Form Regional Security -Umahi

Chairman of South East Governors’ Forum, Chief David Umahi, yesterday, said they would not subscribe to regional security outfit because it runs contrary to the Nigerian Constitution.

Umahi declared that the governors of the region are resolute in their adoption of community policing as prescribed by the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, stressing that the model fits into the local security architecture in the area.

Speaking on a national television breakfast programme, he said the zone was being careful because it could be easily misconstrued.

He, however, said governors and leaders of the region were committed to restructuring and state police because various regions have their peculiarities.

He wants state police to be considered in the ongoing constitutional amendment by the National Assembly.

Umahi said the governors had explained the issue of community policing to the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other leaders in the zone to the point that there were no more grey areas, adding that governors were awaiting the template from the IGP on community policing.

He said the South East security committee had been enlarged to accommodate Ohanaeze and other interests in a bid to engender maximum security for the people.

“We have our laws since 2015 backing our various security outfits and nobody has come to tell us you’ve broken the law; we were already doing that until the IGP came with a new idea saying, ‘you can integrate community policing into what you’re doing; and I know very well that what you’re doing without bearing arm is also giving comfort to our people.’

“So, our people are looking for what will give them comfort; assurance that their lives and property are secured. So, that’s why the South East people will support state policing as the only alternative that’ll assure them that their lives and property are protected.

South East supports state police and restructuring. State police is a part of restructuring.”

Umahi who said “good roads are basic in fighting poverty” accused desperate politicians of promoting insecurity by arming defenceless youths during elections, who turn around and use the arms to “help themselves” when their expectations were not being met.


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