Why Are People Angry Over Buhari Using Toothpick

Presidential Aide Asks: Why Are People Angry Over Picture Of Buhari Using Toothpick?.

Bashir Ahmad, personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on new media, has expressed shock over the reactions to a picture of the president he posted on social media some months back.

The picture showed Buhari relaxing as he picked what could be remnants of food he had probably just eaten.

A reflection on a glass window in the room showed the president watching himself on the television.

Although Ahmad said he posted the picture on Snapchat, a social media platform, five months ago, the picture resurfaced when an array of insecurity issues, including the killing of three policemen by soldiers in Taraba, were making headlines.

Some condemned it, claiming that the president’s relaxed mood is a reflection of his: “I don’t care” attitude to the challenges plaguing the country”.

Others argued that the president was simply being human while some simply made jokes out of the picture.

While the controversy raged, Ahmad took to Twitter to make some clarifications. He said he “innocently” took the shot on February 27 and that he did not expect that it could elicit such reactions.

“It’s hard to understand why some people are genuinely angry because of this innocent pic. When I innocently snapped it on Feb 27 and posted on my Snapchat, it didn’t occur to me that it’s going to give wailers that strong hit,” Bashir wrote.

Presidential aide asks: Why are people angry over picture of Buhari using toothpick?

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