Nigerian Doctor From Abia Dies From Coronavirus In United States

Nigerian doctor dies from Coronavirus in US, to be cremated

Nigerian doctor dies from Coronavirus in US, to be cremated

A Nigerian doctor identified as Apostle Caleb Anya, has died of Coronavirus in the United States.


The deceased who has been working hard to give treatment to those infected with the virus, died 5 days after he was admitted in a New York hospital for contracting for the virus.


Nigerian doctor dies from Coronavirus in US, to be cremated


Apostle Caleb who is from Ohafia in Abia state, will be cremated in line with the directive for for management of Coronavirus patients. He has been described as a “hero” by his close relatives

Omalicha about 1 day ago

Really so sad.

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SAINT TYNII about 1 day ago

Cremated … Meaning they will rub cream all over his body ? For what purpose?

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

Just in case you are not joking. Cremated is when they burn you to dust. That’s the directive 4 ALL Coronavirus patients in America because the number of people dying is so many there are not enough burial spaces available.

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Evangelist Osaigbovoabout 1 day ago

They will be burnt.

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

Meaning they’ll burn the cops. Some people will correct you with an insult and that’s improper.

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Julie about 1 day ago

Burn a dead body to ashes.

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

It means they will burn his body to ashes to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

@Tynii….. I’ve always known that you are a fool : just never knew the depth of your stupidity.

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SAINT TYNII about 1 day ago

Thanks all. So the second question is this … Now that I know that they will burn him to ashes, what will they do with the ashes?

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

Tynii… why are you messing with these guys fam. You be the real mvp on this blog lol

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Cremeted means to dispose a dead person’s body by burning it to ashes. They cremete CoronaVirus patients cos the virus can be contacted even if the person is dead.

Anonymous about 1 day ago

Are we sure its corona virus that’s killing people or the 5G mast been erected?

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

Kerry hilson said it and every body called her mad on this blog

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Ano about 1 day ago

Saint bush man,they will burn the dead body.

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

TYNII, You refused to go to school and now this!!! I pity your life.

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Ikenna about 1 day ago

I think the cremation process(burning of dead bodies) is to curb the spread of the virus….He died in the service and restoration of dying people..May he attain eternal life.!!!

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Hushdoggy about 1 day ago

This thing like play is taking people away bright minds to say the least

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Forever blessed about 1 day ago

You died a hero. Your good deeds will surely outlive you. RIP SIR!

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Goddyn about 1 day ago

May the Soul of this departed Brother from Elu-Ohafia in Abia rest in perfect peace.

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I send thunder about 1 day ago

That’s serious, RIP

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Anonymous about 1 day ago

Everything that dies now is coronavirus, Cancer don’t kill anymore. Ah! Media. they control us by creating Fear

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Anonymous about 23 hours ago

Nope. That are just stating facts. Whether you care to believe, listen, and take heed is on you.

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Don Mickey about 1 day ago

Oh! Bro Kay as we usually call you when we were young those days in Aba, why will you die this way? You decided to relocate from Canada to US for reason best known to you. You have been an inspiration to many, you always gather us to preach the gospel to us and let us watch Jesus movie with you. Thanks for the good work you have done for the society. You died as a true hero standing in the forefront to fight the pandemic. May your soul find solace in the Lord. Amen!!!

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Livingstone about 1 day ago

Rev. You fought a good fight for humanity. You’ll always be remembered onye oke imorie, je nkeoma akpakwu ndikom

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Anonymous about 23 hours ago

Really sad US of all nation do not have proper protective gears. A whole US doctors wearing nylon like cleaners. This is sad.

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maris about 21 hours ago

a real Philantropist…..Rest in the Lord Sir

Anonymous about 20 hours ago

God grant this wonderful man eternal peaceful rest in peace

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