Miyetti Allah Admits,clarifies N100bn Demand From FG

Miyetti Allah Admits, Clarifies N100bn Demand From FG

The National Secretary , Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore , Mr Saleh Alhassan , has said his group indeed demanded from the Federal Government the payment of N 100 bn to herders but for the construction of ranches and not for amnesty as reported on social media .

Alhassan made the clarification in an interview with The PUNCH on Thursday .

He claimed former President Goodluck Jonathan promised to give them the money and that was what informed their decision to support his re – election in 2015 .

The Miyetti Allah chief , however, said that after Jonathan left, the initiative was suspended, hence the decision of the group to present the matter to the President Muhammadu Buhari government .

Asked why N 100 bn should be paid to violent herders to stop kidnappings , Alhassan said , “ That is a mischievous statement . Do they pay money like that ? Have they ever paid any money like that? That N 100bn has been on the table for mini – ranches since 2014 when ( former) President Goodluck Jonathan was trying to address the lingering crisis between farmers and herders.

“ So, part of that money was, I think , used by state governors under the committee chaired by the then Governor of Benue State , Gabriel Suswam . But I don ’t think the bulk of the money has reached the pastoralists , the herders.

“ As part of that policy, they ( the Federal Government ) are trying to see how they can now assist livestock producers to address farmers/ herders conflicts via a policy . ”

He added , “ So, people now saying they have given Miyetti Allah N 100bn to stop kidnappings are just being mischievous because from what we have observed, there are certain people that are twisting narratives . ”

Alhassan lamented that some Nigerians didn’ t want any kind of support to come from the government for livestock development.

“ If we are going to have ranches, definitely , some support would come from government , ” he said.

The Inspector -General of Police , Mohammed Adamu , and some government officials had come under fire last week for allegedly promising to pay Miyetti Allah N 100bn as amnesty to curb the rise in banditry , kidnapping and killings .

However, both the police and the Presidency denied ever discussing money with herdsmen.

Alhassan said there was nothing wrong if Buhari honoured a promise made by Jonathan to the farmers.

“ If today, the Buhari government sees policy that was there since 2014 and wants to see how it can be implemented by supporting cattle breeders , not just Fulani but anybody that is breeding livestock , to access facility like the Anchor Borrowers you have with the Central Bank of Nigeria , I don ’ t think it ’ s something that calls for propaganda. ”

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