I Have Done What Abia Govt Could Not Do In The State, Ncheta Omerekpe Opens Up.

Chief Elvis Omerekpe

By Steve Unegbu

For the past fifteen years,we have done what Abia State Government could not do in this state and I have no doubt that if given the government resources that I can do better than what the current administration is doing.

This was disclosed by a leading Abia state Governorship aspirant chief Ncheta Omeleogu Elvis Omerekpe while interacting with Newsmen in his country home at Umuakwu Nsulu in Isialangwa Local government area of Abia state.

The Abia born business man and philanthropist said if he could achieved alot of outstanding projects in Abia state with his personal resources, that using Government available resources,he is capable of changing the narratives in Abia state

According to him,” I built solid roads that the government could not do,I have provided scholarships to over 50 thousand Abia students in all the higher institutions across the country irrespective of where they come from,I have provided medical outreach and treated over 50 thousand sick Abians not knowing where they come from,we even go on ahead to provide our own security architecture.

” So having done all that,with my personal resources, I have no doubt that if given the government resources that I can do better than what the current administration is doing” he said

Speaking further,he lamented the level of suffering Ndi Abia and the residents of Abia state are passing through on daily basis, pointed out that the Pensioners and the civil servants are being owed by the government,added that until the right thing is done in Abia state,he will continue to be angry and speak to power in the state.

His words,” Listen mark today’s date, I am not playing with the system,I will not take it lightly with any body who will stand on the path of the truth in this state”

Commenting on the possibility of dumping the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) if he does not emerge as the party gubernatorial candidate for 2023 Governorship election in Abia,he said,” I am not leaving PDP, I will crush them and eventually emerge the candidate of PDP”

Chief Omerekpe, who said he was born and raised in Abia state, described the PDP national chairman as a very fair and honest man who will address all the challenges facing Abia state chapter of PDP and he assured that the National chairman of the party will do the right thing.

He however, accused some persons of toying with the party’s 3- man Delegates in the state,but thanking God that the National PDP chairman is bent on doing what is right, saying that,” we will achieve justice”

Continuing he said,” Abia state is in a very precarious situation and the way to go about salvaging this state is to be transparent.

” Let me shock you, if given the opportunity to govern this state, I will be transparent,I will allow the civil servants to know what we are doing from day one till the last, every body will be part of the salvation” he said

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