Hon. Ginger Onwusibe Took Me Round Isialangwa North Constituency and these are What I Saw with My Eyes :

For the House member representing Isialangwa North state constituency in Abia House of Assembly, Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, politics is a means of giving better lives to his people and he has been demonstrating that ideology through visible achievements.


For me the yardstick to measure success in politics is through tangible and satisfactory projects that meet the yearnings of the people.

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I captured vividly the exact words of Hon. Ginger Onwusibe , during the media tour of his constituency projects in Isialangwa North LGA in Abia state .

His words ,

” It is not as if we do not get money in the House of Assembly ,we are overquoted of what we get .

” The monies we get in the House of Assembly are our salaries and Allowances ,they are not supposed to be used to do these projects,but when you see yourself and your people said , they want you to represent them and you are elected ,it is not as if you are more powerful than others ,it is the grace of God.

” You are expected to return back or give back to the society and that is exactly what I have done.

” The secret is selflessness , I believe all first , before self , that is how I was brought up .

” Once you are selfless , you can do anything for your people”

In addition to selflessness, ” I am a man of quality,I believe in quality,that you should do something and do it very well.

” I like quality, when I want to do any project, it is comprehensive .

” It is not when you commission a project after 2 months,it has not started functioning.

“In All my projects ,I make sure that there is maintainance .

” Many politicians talk without doing,it is not good. I am a proud politician and my word is my bond .

” I do not play politics of ‘I will do and I will not do ‘ ,it is not in my character; it is not in my blood”

Hon. Ginger Onwusibe has redefined politics and what he is doing in his constituency should be a point of reference to some House of Assembly members who see political positions as means of enriching themselves.

Below are the tangible projects I saw with my eyes:


(1) @ Ikputu Amano Nsulu : Street light under construction.

(2) @Umuosu Umunna Nsulu ward 4 : 500 capacity mini stadium , re-grassing with perimeter fencing

(3) @ Mbawsi Chukwu Wa Chukwu 500 capacity mini stadium,2 dressing room , foundation for a club house and gym .

(4) @ Mbawsi Eluama Umueze Ikputu Road attracted by Ginger.

(5) Ntigha Okpuala: 3 class room block with 150 lockers , seats and modern writing board .

(6) @Amapu Ntigha : Solar powered and internet enabler constituency office for the constituents use.

(7) @Amapu Ntigha : Borehole water for Amapu Ntigha.

(8) Solar powered street light and beautification of Amapu Ntigha Civic Square

(9) @ Amapu Ntigha : 2 units of 3 class room block for Amapu primary school.

(10) @ Amapu Ntigha: 500 capacity mini stadium under construction

(11) @ Amapu Ntigha: 2 units of 4 class room for secondary technical school

(12) @ Amapu Ntigha: 6 class room block for community primary school, Ginger attracted through Senator T.A .Orji.

(13) @ Eziama Ntigha , Group school : 500 capacity mini stadium under construction,re-grassing of the football field and perimeter.

(14) Abayi Isingwa : 3 class room block with principal’s office for community secondary School

(15) Osusu : 500 capacity mini stadium under construction

(16) @ Amuzu Umuobiri ,Ngwa ukwu ward 4 : 300kv energized transformer

(17) @ Eziama Umuoha autonomous community : Modern Health Center, known as Nkechi Ikpeazu Health Center ,well furnished ,has staff quarters and functional bore hole and ready for use.


Commenting on those projects during the tour ,he pointed out that , ” most of my projects are based on what the people demanded . Our people want tangible things ,what they can see and feel and we can not afford not to leave legacies”

Speaking on the demand for stadium by his constituents,
” Football has almost taking our culture.During festival periods our people engage mainly in football competitions ,so they need these stadia .Apart from using them for playing football ,they can also be used for event centers in our place here “

On why he built a modern Health Center in Umuoha autonomous community, ” This place is a remote part of my constituency, you can imagine how a woman in labour will manage ,so that is why when I came for campaign here ,I promise them that I am going to site this health facility here and it is the community that brought this place. We laid the foundation on the 14th of February this year ,2021 and you can see that we have completed it . Nurses will start work here soon , you can see that every thing is in place and before commissioning ,we will fill in that dispensary unit with drugs and test kits,we are also bringing doctors here for 2 weeks to treat people “

Continuing , ” There is no part of Isialangwa North that has not felt our impacts and I want our people to expect more , I am going to build two markets for them “

Steve Unegbu writes from Umuahia the capital city of Abia state .

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