Governor Ikpeazu’s Infrastructure are sustainable …Kenechukwu Nwosu

A leader in the education sector and former executive chairman of Abia State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB) ,Mr Kenechukwu Nwosu has given insight on the Sustainable Infrastructural Transformation of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu and disclosed that Abia State Governor , Okezie Ikpeazu PhD is putting sustainability into consideration and as a top priority in all the numerous projects he has so far executed, especially in the areas of infrastructural development in the State.

Nwosu ,who made this known while interacting with Newsmen in Umuahia and baring his mind on the sustainability of the projects executed by the present administration in the State explained that, ” I must have to say that Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu (PhD) has done quite alot and in my opinion based on sustainable infrastructure he has put in place, the Governor is one person that likes to do things and do them very well.Things that will be able to stand the test of time ,so that is why I am positioning my own opinion from the view point of sustainable infrastructure .

“For instance, when he pioneered the cement technology in Nigeria ,those roads should be able to be guaranteed for about twenty or thirty years ,roads that have iron and concrete surfaced with asphalt on them , should be able to last for many years”

Nwosu recalled that in 2018 , Governor Ikpeazu was honoured as the best Governor in Nigeria on Sustainable and Infrastructural Development by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Architectural Department University of Lagos , describing such a prestigious award as a catalyst and great honor.

According to him, ” It is a great honor ,for a class A institution , like University of Lagos ,had selected him at that point in time as a distinguished Leader with other performing governors in Nigeria ,the likes of His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode ,then Governor of Lagos State and Alhaji Hassan Dankwambo of then Governor of Gombe state ,these are men that you will see that have done exceptionally well and among three of them that were given the award then,he is still the only one that is in power “

He noted that, the award was a call for more contributions , adding that 3 years after that very award ,the Governor has transformed Abia greatly and at a very fast pace , especially Aba.

His words, ” That honor was also a call for more duties and more contributions from the Governor and we can see that 3 years after ,it has been an uncommon transformational development in Abia , especially at Aba being the hub of commerce in Africa and why I mentioned Aba is because the sustainable infrastructure development we are witnessing over there as we speak , is something that is creating enabling environment for businesses to thrive .

” I believe that entrepreneurs ,actors of industries and business people only go to places where they are sure of enabling environment , a significant exponential improvement and growth over time and that makes it imperative that the sustainable infrastructure that we have seen in this administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is something that Worth commending ” he insisted.

He underscored the importance and positive impacts of those constructed roads and opened channels in Aba,saying that they are enhancing the State Internally Generated Revenue.

” The Governor saw the need to transform Aba, and he has opened up channels and roads into all those places that you can be able to really tap the full potentials of Aba as the Commercial giant of Africa.

“So those roads he has constructed can be described as fantastically sustainable infrastructure”

Nwosu revealed that even in the area of education,the Governor is putting in place indelible mark.

His words, “When you look at the area of Basic Education ,you see that he has put in place sustainable infrastructure, you see his Model School Concept , built with numerous facilities and things that will stand the test of time “

” Hostels are being built in schools to bring back the glory that schools used to have in those old days ,so you see alot of sustainability in that area .

“You also see sustainability in ASUBEB Headquarters edifice, where the design for that building was made in a way that as we speak now ,it is being multi -used in having the Scholarship Board in that place,the Abia State Continuous Teacher Training Center is also in that place and it is also housing ASUBEB headquarter at the same time, so when you talk about sustainability,it goes with a man of vision ,a man that can be able to see tomorrow” he maintained.

He acknowledged in addition , that the Aba business summit which the Governor organized help to boast the economic activities in Aba,where the likes of Cosmas Maduka, Chairman of Coschari group, Emeka Onwuka ,chief financial officer and Director of Seplat petroleum and Mr Peter Obi former Governor of Anambra state were in attendance and looked into the issues relating to failure of business longevity in Aba and proffered solutions to ensure the longevity of the current successful businesses in Aba, as the live wire of Abia State.

” Governor Ikpeazu , equally proffered a solution to the perennial and inconsistent power supply in Aba to enhance the socio -economic activities in the town and to reduce the cost of production for entrepreneurs who mostly then , depended on their generating sets to power their factories.

” Geometric power supply ,an integrated power supply project of professor Barth.O Nnaji ,boasted business activities in Aba.

What Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has done in Aba has equally affected the property owners positively.The value of properties and services are increasing ,life in Aba is becoming much more better .

“In a place where manufacturers meet Patronage, that is where they want to be . There are massive labour and we have security in Aba.
“Buyers from Cameron ,Carbon among other places come to Aba for business transactions.

The Governor is in the front line of marketing Aba even enrolled himself into footwear academy ,now Aba is a better place to be ” he said.

He therefore, urged those who left Aba , before Governor Okezie transformational strides come into play, should retrace their steps ,declaring that the value of businesses and services have hit exponential level .

In conclusion, he said bearing in mind the historical development of Rome, Rome was not built in a day but daily the leaders of the Roman Empire continued to work hard till the great Roman Empire became a collossus of art and magnificent architectural edifice and a citadel of modern civilization. Abia is on the right path to greatness. With all hands on deck, we shall build Abia to last long for future generations to enjoy.

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