GIST : Man With The ‘World’s Biggest Pen#s’ Talks About The Privileges He Enjoys.

The man with the “world’s biggest pen#s” has opened up on what it’s like to be that well endowed.

Jonah Falcon, whose penis is 13.5 inches when erect, has held the unofficial title of having the world’s biggest penis for more than two decades, since his appearance on the 1999 HBO Documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed.

In 2003, Rolling Stone wrote an article about him titled: “Mr Big: Jonah Falcon’s Giant Penis Problem.” He also appeared on The Daily Show, where he said the foreskin of his pen#s could completely envelop a doorknob.

Speaking about his male member, Falcon said he first realised how well endowed he was when some of his classmates pointed it out to him.

Falcon added that the best part of having a large penis is not having to constantly prove himself.

He said: “I don’t need a fancy car, I don’t need a gun, I happily wear a mask, and so on, because I don’t have to prove my masculinity to anyone else. I’ll wear all pink, dammit!”

He also said that thanks to his penis, he has never worried about finding sexual partners.

He said his penis has landed him relationships with some very well-known people, but refused to drop names.

He adds that there are downsides too. Falcon says people can assume he’s a bad person, egotistical, or that he’s “a slut”. He also gets tired of people wanting to measure him.

As for being too big for a sex partner, Falcon said he’s never had to worry about that.

He said: “If your partner is excited, they can take a fire hydrant. Look, I’ve had one partner say that they’d tried getting f**ed by big ccks, but they always hurt, but I was shockingly easy, even though I am a little thicker than my wrist.”

He also shared his sex tips and advice to men who wish they had a bigger penis:

“A hot bod and a winning personality will attract far more than a large c*ck if you’re looking for $sx,” he said.

He continued: “I see hot guys with ripped abs, and I feel inadequate. Otherwise, no one cares if you have a small c*ck except yourself. Don’t bring it up, and if they make comments, just show how experienced you are at using your mouth.

“Trust me. I’ve been rendered helpless by a good blowjob. The same will happen going down on a hot guy or gal.”


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