Eze Ogbuka Origa Explains The Topic “A Time To Pray For Unity of Purpose

The Traditional Ruler of Okorie-Ogori autonomous Community Abam in Arochukwu LGA of Abia state and coordinator of Oge -Amara ,HRM Eze Evangelist Ogbuka Origa has explained thoroughly the topic in ‘Oge-Amara, A Time To Pray For Unity of Purpose’.

He said “the time we are now is an end time era looking at the time and the different things that happen now in the world.

He explained that some writers described it as evil age while others called it perilous time.

Speaking with Newsmen in Umuahia,he said because of the activities marking the end time are all the activities of anti christ and those who are displaying those activities are those against Christ,who see themselves as imaginary enemies of God( Sam.2√ 2) .

They mostly believe in the ideology that God does not exist and that the Earth was created by human science.

He said most of them are even found inside the church,added that they are those who are after religion not Christ

He challenged traditional Rulers to help shape out the negative characters in the Communities and introduce good characters.

Speaking further,he urged people to stop what he called coalition of unity in error and embrace what he called coalition of unity of purpose,which he said is how to bring children of God together.

He maintained that it is the only way out of the problem we are into in the world ( Amos 3:3).

Continuing,he enjoined Christians to agree to work together with God which he said is the open door to solving our problems.

Eze Origa, revealed that coalition of unity in error is utilized by those who are planning and plotting evil against their fellow human beings and the leaders in the Communities.

He further encouraged those traditional rulers who are using the traditional institution to bring positive change in their Communities.

He also cited example with what transpired between Mordecai and Harman in the Bible , said,” Every child of God ought to observe this ,the road that lead to your kingdom of success is still under construction, reassuring every believer that activities of your detractors can not stand, when you are spiritually alert .

” Your relentless prayer is your authority to resist every power challenging your vision of greatness”

He finally said, “the reason for this season of grace is calling all believers to develop a true devotional prayer attitude towards God ,is to plead for His mercy and Grace not demanding for justice and the recalcitrance towards God”

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