Etigwe Uwa declares For Abia governorship race says Abia needs Redemption and Restoration

Etigwe Uwa and Oracle Nwala

Abia state governorship aspirant under the All Progressive Grand Alliance party (APGA), Barrister Etigwe Iwa(SAN) has declared that Abia state require redemption and restoration hence has declared his intention to run for governorship position in 2023.

Barrister Uwa who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and chairman of the Board of NOI poll limited made this known during a press briefing held at Old Umuahia area of Abia state l, said after months of consultations from far and wide, cutting across many local government areas in the state,the product of the consultations is that Abia needs to be redeemed.

Uwa, who is from Ohafia local government Area and Managing Partner in Stream Sowers and Kohn,a leading law firm in Nigeria said he believes that law can be used to re-engineer social changes.

According to him,” After my consultations which I have gone round to different communities, different stakeholders,my consultations have been far and wide and cut across many local government areas and the product of the consultations is that Abia requires redemption,Abia requires restoration and it is something that cut across the state.

” That is the narratives every where you go , whether you talk to business man in Aba or talk to somebody on the street, including workers and the pensioners.

He pointed out that there is a lot that can happen in any Community when people genuinely needs a change, saying Ndi Abia are hardworking and industrious,what they need is an enabling environment that makes the state to flourish and that it is doable.

Speaking further he disclosed that he has picked governorship position form in APGA to run for the primaries, adding that if he emerged from the primaries and eventually wins will transform and bring Abia state of Peoples’ dream.

His words,” we should be able to dream about Abia where our mineral resources are harnessed .We have several oil Wells in this state and the resources we have today can profit our children,if we harness them.
” We can dream of Abia where the economy of the state can be number one.
” We can dream of an Abia that we can set up manufacturing Companies ,where our garments and foot wears can be exported .

” We will dream of an Abia where solar energy products can be manufactured “

He further described Aba as a sleeping Giant that needs good leadership to change its narratives, revealing that Abia state is a revenue sharing state that needs to be a wealth creating state.

Barrister Uwa said the passion to transform Abia started as a desire which has metamorphosed into consuming passion .

Etigwe Uwa and Oracle

” Today ,I am in APGA where I have picked up my form to run for the primaries for the position of the governor of the State .

” I will put all that I have into it .It started as sometimes as a desire which metamorphosed into a passion , today it is consuming passion.

” If I walk on the street ,I think about it ,if I go to bed I think about it.When I woke up in the morning,I think about it .

” There are many things I have been doing that I let go for the purpose of pursuing this aspiration.

” It is not an aspiration that I am pursuing because of anything, I will get,but because I feel the socity needs to experience progress.

He revealed that he has two major plans for Aba firstly to set up a system that allows Aba to export their activities to the world market, saying that Aba is now producing for Nigeria market which he said it is not good for the economy.

He said if given the opportunity to be the governor of the State,that he will set up clusters in Aba and turn the place to a free zone so that whatever that are produce there will be exported,noting that Aba has such immense cheap man power that needs to be harnessed and secondly he will set up production and manufacturing Companies, where solar powers and technologies are going to be producing,not only Aba but in West Africa in large.

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