Enthrone Good Governance and Say No to Youth Unemployment,Chris Akachukwu urges Abians and Nigerians

High chief Chris Akachukwu with Ohuhu Traditional Rulers

The Founder Team Nwa-Abia movement and Actions Peoples Party (APP) candidate for Umuahia North state constituency High chief Chris Akachukwu (Ihie Ohuhu) has beckoned Abians and Nigerians in general to come together and enthroe good governance and say to unemployment of our teeming youths,to the continuous decay on infrastructure as well as flagrant rape of common wealth by political buccaneers on prowl .

He made this disclosure during the grand reception organized in his honour held at Nkwochara primary school Isingwu in Umuahia North local government Area of Abia state.

He decried that,”Economic indicators have irretrievably nosedived thereby precipitating ugly consequences like soaring unemployment, banditry, clinical corruption,dearth of basic amenities, general discontent and criminality” added that “the crop of leaders we have dandified deceit,lies and chicanery as an enviable art and that all the paraphernalia of governance has systematically deteriorated and the economic growth indices have been brutally maligned “

NWA-Abia entry to the event ground

Nwa-Abia therefore, called on people to vote for candidates with impeccable qualities and unimpeachable characters to take us to the promised land, noted that ,” Gone are the days when we are deceived by party rhetorics and political jiggery -pokery and made to accept people whom the ruling parties forcefully breathe down our necks, thanks to the commendable provisions in the newly signed electoral law which has given the voters power to get it right this time by voting individuals and not party”

Ihie Ohuhu with HRM Eze Nnamdi Ofegbu

The Founder Team Nwa-Abia , expressed appreciation to the Ohuhu nation and the Abians in general for the reception accorded to him, saying,” The mammoth crowd that am seeing here today has reinforced my desire and passion for a radical change to re-write our sordid narrative”

Earlier in his speech,the General coordinator of Team Nwa-Abia movement,Hon.Ugochukwu Gabriel explained that they were marking the return of their principle , High chief Chris Akachukwu after so many months of sickness, recovery and staying away for awhile and the entire Ohuhu people as well as well wishers were receiving him and that on Sunday they will go for church thanksgiving service.

He described his principle as a philanthropist who has given scholarships to several students, built mini stadium to Ohuhu people, remodeled primary schools and ever ready to give a helping hand to people who are in need.

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