APGA Abia debunks claim by Sir Chikwe Udensi describes it as uncivilized, unguarded and well- orchestrated lies .

Steve Unegbu

APGA Abia State Working committee

The All Progressive Grand Alliance Abia state chapter has debunked as lies all the information given out to the general public both on the social media and electronic media against the party by Sir Chikwe Udensi,added that henceforth APGA will never tolerate any such lies from him .

This was disclosed by the state chairman of the party Rev. Augustine Ehiemere during a world press conference held at the state Secretariat Umuahia, while warning Udensi Chikwe to guard his utterances against the party and reiterated that any further attempt to malign the integrity of the party shall attract severe penalty.

According him,” APGA seriously frowns at the attitude of a man who calls himself an APGA faithful by going to parade lies against the party in the State,an act which is against the constitution of the party.

” However,the party hereby warns that it will never tolerate any uncivilized, unguarded and well- orchestrated lies being peddled by Sir Chikwe Udensi against this party and its leadership in Abia state.

” For the avoidance of doubt,APGA Abia state hereby debunk all the lies peddled against it by Sir Chikwe Udensi both on the social media and electronic media in Abia state and further warns that Udensi should guard his utterances against the party which have great consequences as the party is bigger than any individual and will never tolerate any attempt by anybody,no matter how highly placed to rubbish the good will the party has garnered , especially as it concerns its readiness to win the governorship election come 2023.

” In as much as the party may not want to join issues with Chikwe Udensi,it is very instructive to categorically state that for nearly 3 years now,sir Chikwe Udensi has never Contributed any Kobo in running the activities of the party in Abia state ,let alone paying the members of the State Working committee every month as he deceitfully claimed .

” The party is so disappointed in Udensi for his arrogance and petulance aimed at tarnishing the image and Integrity of the party and its leadership in Abia state just to achieve cheap popularity in Abia state and we wish to make it clear to him that popularity is never achieved through cheap lies aimed at deceiving the general public”

Rev. Ehiemere however, appealed to all those Aspirants who contested the party primaries who were not opporturned to be elected to please come and join hands with the party to win the general election.

His words,” I want to appeal to all those Aspirants who contested under the party who were not opporturned to be elected to please join the party, people like Barrister Etigwe Uwa, Major Ijiomah N , Chief Chikwe Udensi amongst others,we love them ,we have nothing against Udensi as a person”

” I appealed to them to join hands with Professor Gregory Ibe to change Abia narratives.

” I appealed to Abians and Ndigbo in general to support APGA .

” Ndigbo should join and support APGA to avoid being political Orphan in Nigeria”

In his speech, the APGA legal Adviser , Barrister Chukwuemeka Nwokoro explained that all the gubernatorial Aspirants including Sir Chikwe Udensi signed a peace part to abide by the outcome of the primaries and that the documents were properly and well signed by the Aspirants and that the primary election was very transparent hence there is no ground on which any Aspirant will go to court .

Contributing ,the State publicity secretary of the party, Ambassador Sunday Onukwubiri pointed out” that chief Udensi going to court is dead on arrival because he was physically present in the primary election held at Kolping Society Umuahia and he addressed the Delegates, when accreditation was about to start Udensi disappeared . I challenge him to a live debate on his Contributions to Abia APGA ,he never contributed Kobo to the party since the last three years” he said

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