The Greatest Danger To Nigeria are the few Treacherous Yoruba Slaves…FFK

The greatest danger to Nigeria are not the Fulani terrorists who seek to enslave us but the small handful of treacherous Yoruba slaves who have dedicated their miserable lives to serving and worshipping them.

These people are FROM the SW but not OF the SW. They are nothing but scum and filth. Permit me to give you one example.

I listened to Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s slurred speech and utter nonsense at Pa Fasoranti’s home.
He was as inconsiderate and insensitive as ever.

He was not there to mourn or commiserate with Pa Fasoranti, he was there to play politics and speak for his Fulani masters.

What on earth have Evans the kidnapper or the Igbo got to do with the targetting and assasination of Mrs. Funke Fasoranti-Olakunrin?

And why the obscene determination and desperate hurry to absolve the Fulani of this hideous crime?

He may not believe that they did it but why would he rule it out completly? Does he know something that we do not know? Is he an expert when it comes to assasination, homicide and murder matters?

Does he know who the killers are? Why the rush to tell us who it wasn’t? Can’t he at least wait for the police to conclude their so-called investigation?

Even for a confirmed quisling and desperate serf this time Tinubu has gone too far. Funke has not even been buried yet and he is already pissing all over her bullet-riddled body.

Tinubu has sold his soul to the devil and his conscience to the north. He has become a slave to his ambition and a plague to his people.

He is a shameless soul and wicked man who is ready to sacrifice anyone and anything to become President.

I make this pronouncement today: as long as Jesus sits on the throne he will fail woefully.

chief Demi Fani Kayode

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