Sowore,AAC declares 5th August For Revolution Protest For Better Nigeria

Sowore, AAC Declare 5th August For Revolution Protest For Better Nigeria

Abuja – The African Action Congress ( AAC ) has declared 5th August for the commencement of revolution protest tagged ‘ Days of Rage’ across the country to demand a better Nigeria.

The Presidential Candidate of the party, Omoyele Sowore disclosed this on Saturday in Abuja at the end of the National Executive Committee ( NEC ) meeting of the party.

He stated that the action of the government have compelled them to take the decision noting that there was no level playing field in the last election

Sowore said that they have mapped strategies to sustain the protest all over the countries noting that the group would not back down until the country is put on the right path of honour.

His words ” Election was a place we would have carried out a revolution of ballot box but they stole the ballot box. They hijacked materials that were meant for a free and fair election and as a result, they did not organise any election that was credible enough for people to have faith in the ballot box ”

” The revolution has, therefore, become inevitable, we didn’t choose to go for the revolution they choose it by ensuring that there was no level playing field in the last election ”

He explained that for the country to have a free and fair election in the future there must be a showdown and people must define who should be their electoral officers.

According to Sowore ” As you know they did it in Sudan and it was started by some female. They were making fun of them but they did not stop until doctors joined them, the labour union joined them and what started as 5 people became 5,000 and 500,000 and became 5,000,000 and the regime fell.

” So don’t let anybody deceive you that in asking for a better government or country you are committing any illegality. The biggest illegality being committed in Nigeria as of today is the rigging of the election in 2019. The moment you don’t allow people to express their God giving rights to choose their leaders, you are committing illegality and inviting resistance ” Sowore declared.

He said that the proposed revolution is a position of resistance and inevitable adding that the group has mobilised people in Lagos and many parts of the country to create places of a community of resistance.

He maintained that he was not only the one calling for revolution but 84% of Nigerian demanded it instead of war judging by the poll conducted by the party.

” I am not the only one asking for a revolution 84% of Nigerian according to a poll we conducted want a revolution. They don’t want war but these people want to drive us into war so that we can all be exterminated at once. We don’t want war, we want a very clean, quick and succinct revolutionary process that will put an end to the shenanigans of government, oppression and corruption ” He noted.

Sowore said the party has succeeded in creating awareness for the people to speak up and be resistant to all forms of poor services from the government. He added that the consciousness being raised among Nigerian was not to promote or encourage violence but to create a culture of resistance in them.

The Presidential Candidate stressed further that many Nigerians were looking for new Nigerian but he has come to the conclusion that the crop of politicians who were in government today cannot deliver the Nigeria of our dream.

He lamented the level of corruption among government officials which impoverish Nigerians with myriads of problems. He expressed shock at the way and manner ministerial nominees who have corruption cases hanging on their necks were asked to take a bow and go during their screening by the senate.

” I am carrying out a historical duty and the only history can judge me not a prosecutor or a federal judge. You can’t kill somebody who is not afraid of death ” He declared.

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