Peace and Unity Important In Community Progress and Development Eze Onwuzurike Urges As Elu-Elu Old Umuahia Celebrates Iriji


It is a new dawn which signifies peace and progress in the entire old Umuahia villages as for the first time since the creation of the two autonomous communities in Old Umuahia,that the people of Elu -Elu Old Umuahia autonomous community and their brethren the people of Old Umuahia autonomous community gathered together at the palace of the traditional ruler of Elu -Elu Old Umuahia autonomous community, His Royal Majesty,
Eze Dr John Onwuzurike ,the Eze Amara III of Elu -Elu Old Umuahia in Abia state to kick off celebration of 2021 new yam ( Iwaji / Iri ji) festival.


Speaking during the ceremony HRM,Eze John Onwuzurike stressed the need for peace and unity in every Community , pointing out that peace brings progress and development in a community.


He thank God for protecting and keeping the people of Old Umuahia alive to celebrate the 2021 new yam festival,adding that it is by God’s mercy that it is possible.


He expressed tremendous happiness that the two autonomous communities in Old Umuahia , jointly celebrated this year new yam festival, revealing that the people decided to celebrate the 2021 new yam festival in a low key as a mark of respect to one of their elders that died few weeks ago.


His words, ” I feel tremendously happy that God has helped us to usher in this new yam festival,we thank God Almighty that made this possible, for without Him ,it will not be possible.

” The two Communities in Old Umuahia jointly celebrated the 2021 new yam festival.We are all happy for this occasion,it is by God’s mercy,some were not here last year ,this year we are happy,we really thank and appreciate God and I promise next year , we will do it in a bigger way . Yam is number one of all crops ,God helps us to plant and harvest it ,so we are appreciating Him and we pray that next year and years to come,we will be alive to celebrate it “

” We are doing it in a low key because our Nze emeritus just passed away 3 weeks ago and we are in a sober mood ,we are not rejoicing ,we want to pay him that respect and celebrate in very low key,so that next year,we will come back to our normal way of Celebrating our new yam festival”

Speaking on the dwindling economy of the nation ,Eze Onwuzurike expressed optimism that though the economy is bad ,but it could be made better, urging those at the helm of affairs of this country to try as much as possible to pay workers as at when due to enable them take care of their families and pay their children’s school fees .

He however, called on the attention of the government to the deplorable state of roads , saying ” we are in raining season , most roads are not motorable ,I urge them to do the right thing as leaders “

Commenting on the joint celebration of this year new yam festival,by the two autonomous communities in Old Umuahia, he said, ” There is nothing wrong with it .It has been existing for years and that we do have two autonomous Communities now .All along the seven villages that is the Amasa ,was made up of Old Umuahia entirely, before the creation of the two Communities.
” Before I was back in USA ,I was praying for that we get 7 autonomous communities in Old Umuahia.It is a healthy competition and that will help us grow and develop, help our children to develop too ‘

Interacting with Newsmen shortly after the ceremony, Chief Sir Abel Nwoke ,Enyi oha I of Elu -Elu Old Umuahia said,” we have two autonomous communities in Old Umuahia ,one is in dispute and this one Is not in dispute,Eze Amara III that has been ruling 5 villages ,now we are trying to decide so that all of us from the seven villages can come together and be celebrating the new yam festival as one family” ,even as he urged people to allow peace to reign saying it brings joy and progress in Community.

In there separate speeches, Hon.Onyegbule Osondu from Umuobutu Old Umuahia expressed gladness that the two autonomous communities jointly celebrate this year new yam festival

According to him , ” Since the creation of the autonomous community,they have been celebrating it differently,but for the fact that the Old Umuahia people are here to celebrate with Elu -Elu Umuahia, it signifies unity , good things ,it means light has entered our community, good things will come,God is gradually organizing things the way it was before, when we love ourselves and we were telling ourselves truth and my advice is that let fathers always tell their children the truth ,so that we do not allow false hold to be in control.

“We are happy with our Eze Onwuzurike ,he is a good father and he is the only Eze in Old Umuahia Amasa now .We celebrate our Iwaji on Afor Ukwu day and today we are Celebrating at our Eze’s palace.It started with our forefathers and they handed it over to us ,I am happy”

In his speech, Prince Obinna Ezeigbo of Umuezeala village Old Umuahia , described old Umuahia autonomous community and Elu-Elu Old Umuahia autonomous community as one family, and we are happy because Eze Amara treats us like a father.He is a good leader sent by God .He has been handling the two autonomous communities like his own since the death of our Eze .He has been bringing us together so that things will be moving forward and he has been representing the two autonomous communities well ,like our father we are praying for him for more wisdom,he will live and reign long “

In the same vein ,Hon.Chibuzor Ejimagba of Umuobutu village, said his delegation came to felicitate with Elu -Elu people because ,” we used to be one autonomous community as Amasa until they get their own,we are still one that is why we are celebrating the Iwaji together ,it used to be fun , when we were young ,but the discrepancies affected it ,but we are trying to correct it,we are one people .

We are here to join hands to thank God because new yam celebration is to thank God.

“God created us 7 in Old Umuahia,we are brothers and nothing can separate us “

Contributing, comrade Chief Mbara Dike ,the secretary of Elu-Elu Old Umuahia Eze in council, said Old Umuahia autonomous community joining us to celebrate this year is the first of its kind since the creation of the two autonomous communities,we never had it together,but to the glory of God we are coming together,it signifies unity and peace, which are the major things for society to move forward and I pray that the unification of the two Communities will continue in a bigger way

In his speech, chief Ezinna Christian Odoemelam expressed happiness because according to him,this is his first time of Celebrating new yam festival, “I was thinking it was a bad thing ,but now I have seen that it is just thanksgiving to God for a good harvest and I am advising that we embrace peace and love”

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