PDP House Of Representatives Screening Panel Clears Kelvin Jombo

Kelvin Jombo a leading aspirant for Arochukwu Ohafia federal House of representatives has successfully been cleared by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) screening panel at Abia state PDP Secretariat Umuahia.

Kelvin Jombo who has a blueprint on how to change the narratives in his constituency if elected by his people,presented himself and documents to the screening panel who after scrutinizing him,cleared him to participate in the forth coming PDP primary elections.

Having successfully been screened and cleared by the PDP screening panel Jombo is set embark on consultation as well as engaging his constituency stakeholders.

He therefore expressed appreciation to the screening panel for clearing him and appeal to delegates to vote for him in the primary elections.

It could be recalled that a vibrant young man chief Kelvin Jombo Onuma ,the Igurube of Abiraba is in the race to represent Arochukwu-Ohafia federal constituency at House of Representatives.
He said,”Am bringing a lot to the table. I am bringing fresh hope, hope to the youths, fresh ideas, l am showing the way and telling our people that it can be done. The Centre-Piece of my Representation will be Anchored on the Framework of Collectivism and General Welfare aimed at giving Hope and Life to the Poor, Weak and Vulnerable in Our Society Across Party-Lines. ‘Fair Society Bill’ will define my time in the Green Chamber. I am heading to Federal House to continue in a far more larger platform with what l have been doing over the years with the Kelvin Jombo Fondation. This is more of a call to serve to me. Abandoning my business to do this was so difficult, but when your people insists, saying no becomes an arrogant resistant against you people.

” Mine is an aspiration driven by vision, ideas and empathy .

“Laws and Acts of parliaments useful to the extent that they are applied to solve societal problems.

” All the Bills that I will initiate will be people-oriented because I will be sent to the Green chamber by the people and I will work with colleagues to strengthen the over- sight functions of the parliament during implementation” he said

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