Patrick Nwaogu celebrates Ikwo Aka Umunwanyi in Nsirimo, Umuahia South LGA after 29 years.

It was a great celebration in Umuako Nsirimo, Umuahia South LGA ,Abia State as a cultural festival in the community that was last celebrated in 1994,has been brought back by one of their illustratious sons,Engr Ezeji Patrick Nwaogu.

The Ikwo Aka Umunwanyi Umunne ato( Umudada,Umuadaka and Umutinko villages) in Umuako Nsirimo is one of the cultural festivals that is used to appreciate the women for their contribution in weeding,sweeping and cleaning the entire villages.

According to one of the Elders in the village and an Ezeji member,” The Ikwo Aka Umunwanyi Umunne ato was is a way of thanking the women for clearing and cleaning the village.

” Women were celebrated by the men, given several gifts as a way of encourage them to do more, however since 1994, the men, especially the Ezejis had not deemed it necessary to celebrate our women,hence they stopped clearing and cleaning the Communities.

“The story changed when our son Engr Ezeji Patrick Nwaogu in his tenure as the Ezeji leader decided to change the narratives”

Speaking during the event which was held at Umuako Nsirimo market square, Engr Ezeji Patrick Nwaogu said,” Today,I am happy that the event that was last celebrated in 1994 ,I decided to celebrate it to bring back unity and peace in Umunne ato.

” Today, it has started,I will not relent in making sure that there is peace ,unity and will be taking care of the Umunwanyi”

Speaking with Newsmen,the Chair lady of the women of Umunne ato,Mrs Amanze Gloria , said that since she got married to that Community,that day was her first time of witnessing the event.

” God will bless our son, Engr Ezeji Patrick Nwaogu for celebrating the women. You saw that he gave us bags of rice and a cow for the women to share.

“This has motivated us to do our work, we are going to speed our duties of making sure that the environment is clean .

” We are calling on other sons of Umunne ato to emulate him.

” Our prayers are for God to keep him alive, strengthens and enrich his pocket”

In his opening speech,the chairman of the occasion, Barrister Randy Ukawoke,praised Engr Ezeji Patrick Nwaogu for what he has done for the women, said what he has done is a show of love to his people.

The event attracted personalities from Nsirimo, Umuahia South LGA and Abia State in large.

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