Old Students Ibeku High School Vow To Restore The Glory of Their Alma Mater

The Old Students of Ibeku High  School ,Umuahia have been called on their Members  to reunite and help to restore the lost glory of their Alma mater ,declaring that  the school is now a Shadow of itself.
Speaking to Newsmen during the reunion of 1974 to 1979 set of the school at Ibeku High School Umuahia ,Mr Emeka Onuoha  ,who described his set as the set that recorded the best result in the school ,disclosed the reason for their gathering  ,” We decided to come back to this school,having being away for 40 years ,it is just necessary .We are all achievers in our own little ways .We have been so blessed in diverse ways and we feel it is just necessary to come back and give back to the school ,what the school has given to us ” he said
Mr Onuoha ,who lamented the level of dilapidations in the school, noted that his set had discussed with the current principal of the school to see the areas they can help to restore the lost glory of the school.
In his words ,” we are not just happy the way things are here ,we are going to come up with plan to assist the school, the government has balkanized the school ,this is not what we left .We are trying to highlight the areas we feel that are not in order .We have today a dilapidated institution buildings ,with poor drainage system .The fields that used to be the glory of the school in those days is no longer what it used to be, it is now a bare Scotched earth that stares every body in the face .We also observed that the gate leading to the school is in bad shape .We will like to see what we can do ,because there are so many things to be done “
In his reaction ,Barrister Ifeanyi Adam Nnajiofor , frowned at the level of the damage done to the school, said they thank God for bringing them  back to the school after 40 years ,however , ” it is not a thing of joy to see the state of this school, when we went to this school last 40 years ,this school was every body’s choice .It is now nothing to write home about, that is why we have also reunion to re-strategize on the way forward to help the school, find a way to raise funds ,even our members in diaspora are all aware and after this we will get across to them.We will try and set up an NGO to help the school and also to help some of our members that are old ,sick and retired. We want to help them also ” he noted .
For Chief Joseph Anyim , ” this school is  a Shadow of itself now ,when we were here it was much more vibrant, then we have determined students, hardworking students, disciplined students, but this time around it appears this place is disorganize for one reason or the other .The current principal of the school has identified some problems and we here to sit down and discuss the challenges of the school.I am sure at the end we will come up with a better plan .This place has serious challenges ,we are appealing to government and all other Old students of this school to come and intervene “

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