Ohuhu People Chart A New Political Course Say its their turn to Produce Umuahia Central constituency House Member

By Steve Unegbu

The people of Ohuhu clan in Umuahia North local government area of Abia state have called for the unification of Ohuhu people so as to achieve their common political aspirations and reclaim other rights of Ohuhu people in general and have unveiled a proposed Umuahia Urban hall where the Ohuhu people residing in Umuahia Urban will be holding their general meetings to enhance their progress .


Speaking during the 2021 end of the year get together held at Glajosh hotels and Suites Umuahia ,the President General of Ohuhu welfare world wide ,chief Obi Aguocha disclosed that Ohuhu people desire unity, peace and leadership which they are providing for the people and that Ohuhu people will continue to rise and achieve all their positive aspirations in Umuahia, Abia state and beyond.

According to him , ” we are a major stakeholder in Abia state,we are major stakeholder in Urban ,we are major stakeholder in Umuahia capital development authority and it is only befitting that a community that has prominent people like M I Okpara, Ambassador Empire Kanu , Chief Onyema Ugochukwu and the list goes on not to talk of those who are in humanitarian services among others . It is only befitting that the clan must be recognized and where they do not recognize us we will recognize ourselves” he said.

Speaking further he insisted that , ” we are going to demand the things that belong to Ohuhu , especially in Urban .We must come together as brothers ,unite as brothers to ensure that all our rights are given to us .

” In politics we are going to speak with one voice and in the next coming election Ohuhu people will represent Umuahia central in the state house of Assembly.

” Over the years our people have been denied our rights and we must stand by our priority which is Ohuhu first “

In his speech,the former Ambassador to Argentina and second Republic Member of the House of Representative Empire Kanu who unveiled the Ohuhu proposed hall supported the project with the sum of one million Naira and commended the leadership of Ohuhu for his efforts towards repositioning Ohuhu ,saying Ohuhu is developing under his leadership

“Ohuhu people are united and we are happy with the leadership under our president general Ohuhu welfare world wide .
” We have come to support him and to support his deputy in Umuahia Urban to make sure that what we are in Umuahia,we will be and no body can change that and we are moving forward.

” We are to work together to support the Ohuhu people in Urban .Ibeku people are our brothers but we need to get all our rights ” he said.

In his Contribution , Hon.Dr John K Nwadinobi ,the Onwa Ohuhu underscored the importance of unifying Ohuhu people,adding that if Ohuhu people are united, they will get all their rights .
His words, ” This issue is unity and unity has no territorial boundary .So Ohuhu people are trying to unite for a greater political effort and it is known that Ohuhu people belong to one political party. We are mostly PDP .


” So the issue is not political divide .It is not clanish indulgement .it is all about uniting the people for a greater political achievements because politics is a game of number. I do not see any thing bad in their quest to be united

” Unification of the people, emancipation of the people politically is a goal and will be considered an achievement .

We have personalities with good track records , good antecedent who can be voted into power ,no matter where the person belongs ,we can convince the person to come to where we belong,but all we want is progress and development of our community”

He however ,urged Ohuhu people and Abians in general to observe social distancing and covid-19 protocols as they Celebrate the Christmas and New year.

In his speech, the Secretary of Ohuhu Welfare Union Umuahia ,Mr Igwe Maduabuchi said in the political arena Ohuhu people have risen to take their rightful position.

His words ,” we always have an understanding with our brother the Ibeku people and it is expected that the mutual understanding will be applied in Umuahia Central state constituency”

Chief Williams Onyebuchi Eke who is the coordinator for Umuahia Urban Ohuhu Forum and patron of the association, described the event as a home coming for Ohuhu people.


He said ,” we have decided to come together as a body as a clan that owns Umuahia jointly with our brother to reclaim whatever that belongs to us and also reason together and to make a change .

” A lot of things are happening in Umuahia Urban and we are the major stakeholder but yet we play a minor role so we come to say enough is enough .We are joint stakeholder in Umuahia North and deserve not only part of it but a major part of it .

” We are not fighting Ibeku people ,they are our brothers . What we are doing is to say let us work together as joint heirs and history is very clear on that “

Earlier ,the president of Ohuhu Welfare Union Umuahia branch, Eze Dr Felix Nweke said they organized the end of the year party to thank God for protection and to familiarize with one other.

In the same vein he noted that Ohuhu people are being cheated and have come to reclaim their rights .
” we are being cheated as far as Umuahia Urban is concerned .We are begging God to restore our losses .

Look at Ohuhu park we lost it , Ohuhu road we lost it ,look at Umuahia central house of Assembly, Ibeku People have been going there for more than 24 years now .We are been cheated and we have to discuss that and we need that position.We do not want fight ,we want peace and God will help us”


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