Nigeria is a failed State ,that Needs state of Emergency …Methodist Bishop declares

By Steve Unegbu
Nigeria is a failed State ,that needs to be declared state of emergency , the Bishop of Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Uzuakoli,Rt.Rev.Chiemeka Okpara disclosed
Bishop Okpara ,said  ” No one dare talk about security because all we hear in the news suggest that Nigeria is a failed state and we need to declare a state of emergency on her  “
He  called on our leaders at all levels to be more passionate about leadership and governance, urging them to have listening ears and concern for the citizens.
In his address during the twenty fifth (25th) Anniversary and the 2019 diocesan Synod ,with the theme , ‘Obedience to God ,Better Than Sacrifice ‘ held at Dodds Methodist Cathedral Uzuakoli in Abia state , he pointed out that , ” The Nigeria nation ,the pride of Africa ,endowed with a quantum of mineral deposit that could enable her to be one of the foremost countries of the world in terms of development, by legal frame work is a misnomer and in terms of infrastructure is a charade “
Bishop Okpara ,queried the type of leaders we have in Nigeria, saying Nigeria has not been able to get anything right.
In his words ,” what is it that we have gotten right ? Is it our education system or the generation ,transmission and distribution of electricity, water board is moribund ,our roads are death trap ,bandits ,Armed robbers ,kidnappers ,terror organization are all on rampage targeting both the armed forces and the civilians , no one is safe “
He lamented  that ,” workers are not paid wages ,many States are owing salaries ,Retirees are left to die without pension,inflation is now a norm ,adding that a country with 3 refineries cannot refine fuel “
Okpara decried the terrible situation in the country, pointing out that, ” Nigeria politicians are more interested in the  security of their families and position ,while leaving the masses at  the mercy of whatever situation they face or grapple with ”  revealing that his greatest worry is that these politicians hate criticism “
He however, lauded the federal government for accenting to the minimum wage bill of N30000.saying it will greatly improve the wellbeing of the lower cadre of workers if government takes step further to curb inflation and reduce the current pump prize of fuel .

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