Nigeria@ 59:Pastor Omodamiro Calls For Restructuring Of Nigeria

The Senior Pastor of Good News Baptist Church Umuahia ,pastor Dr. Sola Omodamiro has called for the restructuring of Nigeria system pointing out that it is the only remedy to the system that is currently structured to perpetuate bad leadership, breed mediocrity and rewards unproductivity,adding that the essence of this restructuring agenda is to resuscitate the dreams of our founding Fathers with respect to the Nigeria of our dreams and to create a prosperous Nigeria that God designed her to be .
Pastor Omodamiro,who disclosed this during 2019 Independence  National Day Service ,held at their church in  Umuahia ,with the theme ,’Redeeming the nation’ ,  decried the extreme poverty that has earned us the title of the poverty capital of the world ,revealing that “Nigeria is in a sorry state compared to the dreams of our fathers ; insisting that our actions and inactions as a nation have turned the Nigerian dream into a nightmare”
He chronicled the genesis of   the down fall of Nigeria which in his words  “began when the military abrogated the federal system of government with the unification decree on May 24 ,1966 ,from separate regions with independent governance structures ,power became concentrated at the center. Nigeria with great promise was disfigured beyond recognition” noting that ,” even the reversal of the unification Decree by the Gowon administration that first ‘divided’ the four regions into twelve States did not help much because the command structure of the military  had replaced the federating status of the former regions “
He further disclosed that ,” consequently, what we now have are crippled states hobbling to the center, the federal government for their daily bread “
However, pastor Omadimiro explained that by redeeming Nigeria,he means that ,” Nigeria will be delivered from those sad realities. From institutionalized corruption that has perpetuated widespread poverty and underdevelopment ; from the atrocities of Boko Haram ,from criminal herdsmen, cattle rustlers ,kidnappers and armed bandits across the country ,from excesses of those in whom public power is vested ,from politicians to preachers ,from the corruption and criminality of some bad security agencies as the Nigeria police force and the special Anti Robbery Squad; from the fallen standards of education and the incessant strikes and school closures that turn four- year degree to eight years or more ,noting that redeeming Nigeria means ” simply rejecting present situation of our country with confident in God to see the change we desire and commit to working tirelessly towards the emergence of the Nigeria of our dream “
Addressing Newsmen ,the president of Emmanuel Baptist Bible Conference, Rev
.Dr  Stephen Nlechukwu ,urged Nigerians to believe in Nigeria that there is strong hope that things will turn around for good in a short while .
He pointed out that the reason why there are a lot of evils in Nigeria is because there are no speaking prophets like Jeremiah ,who will speak the mind of God towards Nigeria, adding that many Christians are not praying and are not ready to offer themselves for sacrifice to pray for God to redeem Nigeria.
Rev.Nlechukwu attributed the poor prayer life of many Christians as a result of their being comfortable in life ,noting that any time Christians are uncomfortable because of the wickedness of the Earth ,they will cry to the Lord for help.
Nlechukwu argued that Nigeria is a good country, saying we are not the worst of the countries in the world,adding that whatever that has happened in the past in Nigeria is for a purpose, assuring that at God’s own time ,Nigerians shall smile.
He lamented that  “most of our prophets have not spoken the mind of God, saying it is either they are fearful or they are for selfish gain ,noting that Nigeria needs prophets who are selfless, committed and speak the mind of God .
He decried at the level of hard  economic situation in the country as a result of poor leadership, adding that he still pray for the leadership of the country for God’s directions ,while appealing to Christians to embrace God and recognise Him in all things they do.

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