My Detention Facility Next To Senate President’s Residence…El-zakzaky

My Detention Facility Next To Senate President’s Residence – El-Zakzaky

The Shi’ ite leader, Ibrahim El -Zakyzaky , has said that he had greater freedom while in custody in Nigeria than in Medenta Hospital , New Delhi , India , where he went for treatment last Monday .

He explained that he was detained at a well furnished house located beside the Senate President ’ s residence , adding that he was also free to move around .

The cleric in a video alleged that the Federal Government made it difficult for him to get the needed treatment at the hospital, noting that he was treated like a prisoner in the Asian country .

In the video, the Shi’ ite leader could be seen narrating his experience to an unidentified Indian official .

He said he enjoyed some level of freedom in Nigeria unlike in India where he was in ” prison ” .

He said, “ I have been about four years in prison now ; a house fully furnished . In fact , our next neighbour was the Senate President ; a large house . I was free to move about.
“ Similarly , when they moved me to Kaduna I was in the best area – government reserved area . It is a house fully furnished with large bedrooms and I was free . I have never been in detention with police there ; in fact , the soldiers used to stay outside at the gate. That is what they have been doing . When we came here, we were put in prison .”

The cleric added , “ I will definitely prefer another hospital. I was told that some Shi ’ite Ulama came and said I should be allowed to be treated in India . ”

El – Zakyzaky further told his guest he made the Indian trip at his own expense , but wondered why the Nigerian government was frustrating his mission .

” They said I am the one to take myself to hospital, not the government . We bought our own tickets , the government people with us bought their own , ” the healthy – looking Islamic cleric said.

“ Somehow , when we came here, we learnt the embassy changed the story . We learnt the Nigerian government told them they are bringing in two patients charged with a criminal offence , and they also solicited the support of the Indian government for the security of these people ; they also spoke with the hospital about what to do . And they claim they are the ones bringing us,” he explained .

Meanwhile, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has said it will explore foreign medical treatment for its leader , Ibrahim El – Zakzaky , despite the failed plan to treat him at the Medenta Hospital in India .

The sect explained that it would approach Malaysia , Indonesia or Turkey for the treatment of the cleric , who was taken to a facility in Kaduna by the Department of State Services shortly after his arrival from India on Friday .

My detention facility next to Senate President’s residence – El-Zakzaky

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