What you need to know about the lockdown in Abia State

1. All commercial vehicles including tricycles (Keke) are banned from moving within our state except those carrying food items.

2. Lockdown starts 12.01am on Wednesday, 1st April, 2020, and will last for an initial one week (7 days) before possible review.

3. No worship center will open within the period.

4. Food sellers can only sell in front of their houses, provide running water and soap for hand washing and wear face masks. Buyers will also have to wear face masks before they are attended to.

5. Eateries and restaurants are free to operate but on “buy and go” basis with both buyers and sellers masked and full social distancing regulations observed.

6. Banks will not be locked down but bank staff and those wishing to receive banking services must wear face masks and line up with 1.5m distance between them.

7. Pharmacies and medical facilities remain open but must observe necessary measures to protect both service providers and clients.

8. Petrol stations are exempted from the lockdown and will operate throughout the period and beyond. Any station that closes or increases pump price will risk sanctions including possible revocation of certificate of occupancy of the property.

9. Those wishing to buy food or food items should walk to the sellers with their face masks on and return home immediately afterwards.

10. Only vehicles on essential duties are permitted to move within the lockdown period. ASEPA staff are on essential duties and among those exempted, along with others already listed.

Thank you.

*Please feel free to post your questions under this thread regarding the lockdown and other efforts to ensure that the people of Abia State remain protected from Coronavirus infection.


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