Breaking : Police arrests A Fake Miracle Worker

A fake miracle prophet has been arrested by police – Prophet Melody Adjija who has been defrauding people with fake miracles. He was arrested along side with his imposter or should I say his “miracle actor” who he paid N5000 to act inline with whatever the man of God prophesied….

The fake Prophet and his accomplice have confessed to everything on tape.

Men and brethren, stop chasing miracle… especially women! Stop already!

Most people that you know have no iota of relationship with God… infact, they just play church without deep knowledge of the one they claim to serve… People just play religion …..

The Bible has all the answers to every question…

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in miracle but because the days are evil, you need to know God for YOU….it’s important! That way you will be able to discern fake from real.

Because of how the country is and how desperate people have become… These men fake everything to keep people down and loyal to them while milking the little they have…. It’s unfortunate.



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