Applauding Governor Ikpeazu’s Developmental Strides….Kingsley Maduforo


By Kingsley Maduforo

The increasing complexities and requirements arising from the constant change in society coupled with the constant push for higher levels of productivity require effective and ethical leadership. In its most basic form, the anatomy of leadership is a matter of character and competence. The governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, is showing himself as an approved workman who has no reproach. In Abia State today, things are happening. The climate is fast changing because Abia has a workman-leader who is well prepared for the onerous task of leadership.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932) when speaking on the ‘New Deal’ which helped bring the United States out of the Great Depression, highlighted infrastructural development programmes that stimulated economic growth and translated into socio-economic uplift through increased employment and poverty alleviation. There is a complex interplay between socio-economic development and local-economic development aimed at addressing backlogs in service delivery, infrastructure and poverty alleviation. To stimulate growth across the sectors of the economy of the state, infrastructural development is a key driver of the sustainability of a social and economic structure that can work for all citizens.

Under Governor Ikpeazu, Abia State is becoming better and growing fastly both in economy and infrastructure. The governor understands the terrain very well, and with the catapillar revolution tackling the dilapidated roads across the State, he has raised the bar in quality by introducing the rigid pavement technology into the lexicon of road construction in the state. In Abia today, people are experiencing a reliable and affordable road transportation system and this has become part of the social safety net that enables trade, increases employment opportunities in both urban and rural communities and facilitates the movement of goods and services in all sector of the economy including: tourism, education, health and agriculture.

A thoughtful consideration of these facts and the benefits they bring made Gov. Ikpeazu to accord priority to our road network in the catalogue of development projects by the government in order to transform the living condition of Abia citizens. In Abia of today, all the communities in the state have one or two roads connected to each other for easy transportation of agricultural produce and for seamless connectivity between the hinterlands and major cities. The primary and secondary school system has been restructured for better output while dilapidated classroom blocks and moribund schools have renovated and reactivated for better service delivery. The health sector is not left out; it has been transformed for quality productivity and better service.

With the political will and commitment of the governor in decentralizing health care service, which is a key element in improving primary health care in the state, our health sector has received a drastic boost. The governor has identified two tertiary health centres in each of the three senatorial zones in the state and brokered a public-private hospital management firm that took over these hospitals and run them. All these are geared towards reactivating and strengthening the health sector for greater efficiency.

Finally, notwithstanding the economic downturn biting hard on the country, Gov. Ikpeazu has laid a solid foundation that is serving as a springboard for the rapid development of Abia State. His transparent approach in handling the affairs of the government of Abia State is vital to the high accelerated growth and economic and social development of the state. It is even astonishing that this silent achiever does not talk or brag about his achievements rather, his achievements speak for him.

Kingsley Maduforo, a Media/Political Analyst, writes from Aba.

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