Any person that Will lead Ndi Abia Must Be Tested and Trusted Deputy Governor Ude Oko Chukwu Says As he joins Governorship Race

The Abia State Deputy Governor Sir Ude-Oko Okochukwu, has formerly joined the 2023 Governorship race saying that the person that will lead Abia must be a tested and trusted.

According to him, ” I am here to let you know of my intention to run for Governorship position in 2023 .

” I have an idea of every place in this state,I have an idea what Ndi Abia want, Community by Community.

” Within this period as a deputy my Oga the Governor has done wonderfully well and while serving him, I know his vision.

” I have been in active politics in Abia for the past 19 years and I feel it is a great injustice not to return back to Abia what I have been given.

” It is my duty not to disappoint Ndi Abia, that is why I have decided to run , having gotten the necessary experience, I believe it is wise to step out to serve Ndi Abia.

He noted that governance comes with an enormous challenges and responsibilities, adding that he reached at the decision to run in the Governorship Primary in the State after wide consultations with Family, immediate constituency.

“ Before deciding to offer myself to continue to serve you in different capacity, I have considered deeply the enormous challenges and responsibilities that come with governance.

“If I stand here to tell you that it is an easy task, a jolly ride, a jamboree or a tea party, then I would have started failing myself and my good of Abia State even before the journey starts”.

He appealed to the chairman and the delegates to help see him through the primaries,noting that they are the god father he has in the race and depends on them.

In his response the State PDP Chairman, Dr Alwell Asiforo Okere, expressed appreciation and thank the Deputy Governor for his courage to declare.
” I have worked very close with him .He is a very diligent and thorough person.

” We are proud of his achievements .

” The assurance that we are going to give you sir is that we are going to be fair and provide level playing ground for every one “

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