One of the Abia founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and member of Abia Elders Council of PDP Chief Charles Obioha Ogbonnaya has called for calm over the issue of zoning of the Governorship position in 2023, saying that the Elders Council of PDP will resolve the controversial issue over the zoning of the governorship position by the party which has polarized the party with members reacting in different manners .

He urged all the zones to relax and calm down assuring that the Elders Council of PDP is going to review the decision of the party on zoning of governorship position.

In his words,” We will have a meeting and there,we will discuss our problems.

” The zoning of Governorship to Abia Central and Abia North is what the party has said,but the decision will be tabled before the Elders Council.

” The party set up a committee and the committee presented that,it has not been confirmed, I do not know why people are worried over all these things.

” We are meeting once Elders Council meet ,we will review it.

” What I tell people and our supporters is to calm down,there is nothing to worry about.

” Politics is all about discussions,we must discuss,we must disagree to agree .So there is nothing to worry about.

” Usually,PDP has a way it functions.It is the responsibility of the Elders Council to consider every thing together and agree with the State working committee.

” We have a way we function in PDP and I do not know why people are worried.

” Again, remember the Governor is the leader of the party,he has a say , remember what we are going to do is delegates election ,the delegates have a say too .

” So we now have to aggregate all these and agree on something”

Commenting on the position of the former of the state Senator T.A. Orji.
He explained that,” The former Governor has advised following the trend the way the zoning has been established,that is his opinion and most of us bought into that ,but that does not mean that the large House will not meet to say,this is the way out.

” I do not want People to begin to light up fire here and there.

” If the Governorship is not zoned to you calm down because the Elders will look into it ,I believe in meeting and meeting until we reach agreement” he said.

He therefore,urged Ndi Abia to relax and not to worry themselves that things are going to resolve amicably.

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