Who Is After Cletus Ibeto?

By Jude Anoliefo ,Nnewi

Dr. Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto is the Chairman/CEO of Ibeto Group.

He is a renowned industrialist, a philanthropist par excellence, a man of unimpeachable character and community builder of note. NNEWI TOWN is recognized as the nucleus and front runners of igbo commercial acumen, Ibeto, its foremost illustrious son stands as a beacon and rallying point for all Nnewi sons and daughters.

His humanitarian gestures have lifted thousands out of want and poverty.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to national socio-economic development and service to humanity, he has been honoured at various times by the Federal Government of Nigeria with Office of the Order of the Niger (OON) and Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) and local awards.

Little wonder why some naturally embittered persons would want to drag his name to the mud out of envy and jealousy. It is sad when one has to paint a bleak picture of another in order to paint a perfect picture of themselves.

FAKE NEWS …….The video of one Mr. Tony Chuka Arinze a native of Otolo Nnewi North in Anambra State, stranded in Mahalaasa, India came on social media, soliciting for help to return to Nigeria. While some persons thought of how to help, someone resorted to making unfounded and untruthful allegations that Dr. Ibeto snatched the man’s wife, and fathered 2, 3 or 4 (not specific) children with her while he also bought a land and erected a house for the woman. What a cheap way to look for publicity. What a fake news!

FACT……… For the sake of clarity, the said woman is a “Nwadiani” to Ibeto, and suggesting that he indulged in a sexual trade-by -barter relationship, for this favour is not only laughable but absurd.

Ibeto in his usual philanthropic gesture offered a helping hand, by SETTING UP A BUSINESS for a woman, ( a maritally abused and tortured family member, a “nwadiana” ), and her children whom Mr. Arinze, a father and husband abandoned for years without care, nor shelter. He does much more for people he does not even know, so what is wrong in helping a relative?

THEY ARE AFTER HIM’ THEY ARE HUNTING HIM!!THEY WANT TO PULL HIM DOWN!!!. Is he being hunted for REFUSING A REQUEST that is to the detriment of the whole Nnewi town? Being the rallying point and a unifier for the Four Quarters in Nnewi, he is the only Nnewi man that calls a meeting and everyone attends. Nnewi took some far-reaching decisions for the development and peace of the town late last year to the annoyance of a few selfish individuals. It is obvious that people who could not advance their personal agenda and motives, have decided to have their pound of flesh by tarnishing an image and brand built over the years by dint of hard work. A man of the people is being assassinated in the court of public opinion by some faceless cowards. Let the worms reveal themselves if their intentions are pure! What a world.

Whatever be the case, the CEO, Ibeto group, refuses to be discouraged or distracted in his contract with God to positively touch lives if and when the need arises. An iroko does Bunot hide. It shall forever provide shade to other trees.

Jude Anoliefo, Nnewi

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