Today, the leadership and the entire membership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abia State received with utmost joy and high sense of relief the verdict of the Supreme Court of Nigeria affirming the candidature of our indefatigable Governorship Candidate, High Chief Ikechi Emenike.

It has been a tortuous journey getting to this point where the Apex Court of the land has put to rest every doubts, disagreements and outright falsehood concocted to discredit our credible and transparent Governorship Primary of May 26, 2022.

At the end of it all, democracy has triumphed; the rule of law has taken its right course. We thank the Supreme Court Justices for stepping in to save internal party democracy, which was put under serious strain by anti-democratic forces. We have, once again, proved that we stand for and practice true democracy.

We salute our Governorship Candidate, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, a man of great ideas and vision for his doggedness and uncompromising resistance against the retrogressive forces and their avalanche of distractions.

Emenike is leading our great Party on a divinely ordained mission To Rescue and Develop Abia (RADA). That’s the reason the Almighty God has continued to grant him victories along the way and so shall it be till he leads Abia to the promised land. Amen.

While we rejoice and are glad for the good things that our good Lord has done for us, let us not lose sight of the fact that Abia APC is ONE family. What has happened in our party was mere disagreement which is common occurrence in a family setting. It was not a fight. So, make no mistake about it: our stance is No victor, No vanquished.

The most important thing now is that the disagreement has been resolved. We must come together as a family and pursue our collective interest. We must put away the bitterness and divisive politics of the past and embrace love, peace and togetherness.

I, therefore, make a special appeal to Dr. Uche Ogah and his supporters to come home and reintegrate into the APC family. We are eagerly waiting to receive them and accord them their rightful place as family members of Abia APC.

The people of Abia are looking up to our Party to liberate them from the hands of the perpetrators of bad governance. We can only achieve our avowed mission of RADA if we work together as a united, formidable force. Ndi Abia will not forgive us if we disappoint them in pursuit of personal ambition and group interests in place of the common good of all Abians.

We must be vigilant because the evil forces holding this State down will not rest on their oars. They will continue to fight in collaboration with their agents. This is their last fight because they know their time is up.

But with God on our side, the forces of darkness WILL NOT triumph over the forces of LIGHT ably led by our high flying Governorship Candidate, High Chief Ikechi Emenike. Let’s remain steadfast. We shall overcome, to the glory of God and betterment of Abia, God’s Own State.

Dr Kingsley Ononogbu, Chairman Abia APC.

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