We did not Block Joe Igbokwe, Air Peace Replies

Air Peace replies Joe Igbokwe.

Our attention has been drawn to a Facebook post by one Mr Joe lgbokwe who is alleging that Air Peace deprived him of his 6:30am flight( P47120) from Lagos to to Abuja on November 19, 2019. His post says Air Peace ‘blocked’ him from traveling. We are stating categorically here that this allegation is untrue. We could not have ‘blocked’ an individual that flies with us, even last week.

It is true that Mr lgbokwe was at Air Peace counter to get his boarding pass but he arrived late. For a 6:30am flight, Mr lgbokwe got to our counter at 6:15 am whereas check-in had closed at 6am.

When we could not check him in, he requested to be on the next flight (8am) to Abuja but it was already full. This was clearly explained to him. This was exactly what played out.

How could we have blocked him for criticizing us for an event that happened a year ago? How could Air Peace have blocked him all of sudden when, in fact, he has never ceased fiying Air Peace since the said event of last year? We are still at loss as to the reason and motive behind the avalanche of attacks on this airline by this same man at every given turn.

As a government official, we expected that Mr. lgbokwe should have known better than he did by using the social media to defame an airline, especially in an era that the government is trying to sanitise the social media space. Mr lgbokwe’s post is malicious and unacceptable. The Toyoso Akerele Ogunsiji whom he cited in the post has denied saying or doing what Mr lgbokwe attributed to her. Passengers confirmed that he came late. We make bold to say that even the Chairman/CEO of Air Peace, has been missing his flights and never called for procedures to be shortchanged for him even though he owns the airline!

Air Peace is strongly committed to giving its passengers an excellent service and will never treat any passenger unfairly. Mr lgbokwe’s perspective is a misrepresentation of the reality and should be disregarded. We still regard him as our customer and will never block him from patronizing us.

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