We are closing Substandard Schools To Save Abia Child ,says Abia Commissioner For Education

By Steve Unegbu
The Abia state Commissioner for Education, Dr Kanelechi  Nwangwa has restated the commitment of Abia state government to give Abia child the best form of education, said the rational behind the issue of closure of substandard schools in Abia state is to ensure that the Abia child has the best education.
The Abia Education Boss ,who spoke to the SouthEast Breaking News  in his office at government secretariat Ogurube layout ,insisted that the deadline of 13th January issued to such substandard private schools still remain.
He pointed out that  “there is a fundamental problem we have in our society, that is affecting many things, people have not been able to know the difference between going to school and being educated. They mixed them up .There is difference between knowing A and having A .What is important is, do you know A ?  I want a situation when the Abia child said he has A ,it will be equal to he knows A “
He lamented, a situation where someone will hire a ware house  for poultry  or for church and  then proceed to use half of it for school and continue to award A to the students ,without teaching them what they ought to know,said it has destroyed the education system and can not be allowed to continue .

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