Vote In APGA In 2023 To Correct The Faulty Foundation laid By PDP Since 1999 Rev. Ehiemere Tells Ndi Abia * celebrates Anambra victory


The All Progressive Grand Alliance Abia state chapter has celebrated the victory of APGA in Anambra state in the just concluded governorship election where the wishes of the people prevailed and professor Charles Soludo was duly elected , while calling on Ndi Abia to emulate Anambra people and elect a genuine and people oriented leader to lead Abia state.

Addressing a cross section of Journalists during a world press conference held at APGA State Secretariat Umuahia, the Abia state chairman, Rev.Augustine Ehieme said ,” It will be very instructive to state that Abia state has been very unlucky in terms of good leadership/governance since 1999 till date ,at least in comparison to other states like ,Imo , Anambra,Ebonyi and Enugu ,just to mention but a few.

” Arguably,we can not beat our chest and say that Abia state has achieved any meaningful development, economically and otherwise for the past 22 years now (1999-2021) ,using some developmental indices /yardsticks as compared to the other states mentioned herein “

Continuing , he informed that ,” The people of Abia state have suffered serious economic hardship, strangulations and subjugation in the hands of political jobbers / opportunist who forced themselves on the people as leaders in the business of governance in the state since 1999 till date .

” And until a genuine and people oriented leader is Elected to lead the State ,the masses must continue to grumble and cry as it were in the days of the children of Israelities in Egypt”

He opined that “the under -development and malfunctioning of the entire Abia state system which we face today is a product of faulty foundation which was laid in 1999.

” And successive government in Abia state have consistently and notoriously followed the installed / established faulty foundation,thereby emasculating and enslaving the entire Abians, the end result being inflicting of economic injuries to the people of the state, occasioned by hardship, poverty, sickness , insecurity, intimidation and possible death”

He therefore encouraged and enjoined Abians to bring in a change in the leadership of Abia state through genuine commitment and consistency by all progressive minded Abians and join APGA for the purpose of enthroning a people oriented Government come 2023 , adding that ” this is achievable using APGA as a platform to correct the faulty foundation upon which Abia state was laid since 1999″


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