The Ikpeazu We Need To Know …Kingsley Maduforo


By Kingsley Maduforo

Before the present administration, Abia State had a checkered past when it comes to both economic and infrastructural development. The trust needed by citizens was not there because the people in government were not transparent or accountable. This prompted Gov. Ikpeazu to change the political climate of the state and minds of its citizens towards people in government by running a transparent government. This is the bedrock of Gov. Ikpeazu leadership style aimed at providing good governance, and the maintenance of such standard principles is fundamental to the creation of an environment conducive for investment.

Although government has two different roles: to administer the existing institutional frameworks which includes the provision of infrastructure and the administration of laws and regulations, and to mobilise political power to bring about modernization of those frameworks as circumstances and/or societal priorities change. For instance, in the area of infrastructure, Gov. Ikpeazu has been aggressive in his resolve to solve the dilapidated road infrastructure in the state, especially in Aba the ancient city, for easy movement. There is no reason for business not to thrive in the state. Why? The infrastructure, good policies, skills and how to access funds have been provided for them by the Gov. Ikpeazu-led administration.

Gov. Ikpeazu, who identified Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) as a major engine for economic revival in the state, provided an Investment House for business communities across the state. The idea behind Abia Investment House is to take every business concerns and enquiries. The Investment House is where government regulatory agencies such as NAFDAC, SON, NIPC, NEXIM BANK, CAC, etc., have their offices. This is to facilitate the registration of new businesses, investment of new ones in Abia, accessing loans and tackling revenues. This is one stop business destination in Abia which creates an easy playing ground for investors to invest in the state. That is one of the economic foundation of the man called Ikpeazu who you need to know.

The efforts of this workman with a brand to make Made-in-Aba products a global name as the brand ambassador, can be attested to with the previous visit of Prof. Osibanjo, the Vice President of Nigeria and the various Fashion Shows held in Abuja and outside the country, just to promote the Made-in-Aba brand. The place of private sector (MSME) is indispensable and key to the growth and development of the state economy. It is no longer an option, it has now become the only hope.

Gov. Ikpeazu has simplified governance. It is a whole new climate change in Abia, a kind of revolution executed by taking drastic steps aimed at giving meaningful service to the people. This is evident in his drive for infrastructural renewal and economic growth of the state. His administration has made the economic climate of the state favorable and investors are trooping in. It is just only your company that is missing. Come and invest in Abia today.

Kingsley Maduforo, a Media/Political Analyst, writes from Aba.

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