There was palpable tension ,as people were seen running Helter -Skelter this morning at the popular Isi gate Umuahia as 2 factions of Road transport workers ( Agbaro ) clashed and fought over supremacy and who controls the park at Isi gate( precisely where vehicles load to Owerri ).

It all started few days ago,but today’s fight took a dangerous dimension as the 2 factions came to the fight with matchets and other weapons, attacking and cutting themselves and their activities made people ran for their lives to avoid being wounded in the process.

However,few minutes later,the security agencies from the Nigeria police Force and the military officers arrived at the area and have succeeded in restoring calm in the area.

As at the time of filing this report,there are heavy presence of the military officers and the police officers in the area and their presence has given people confidence to move freely and go about their normal businesses .

Explaining the likely cause of the fight ,one of the Agbaros who spoke with SOUTHEASTBREAKING NEWS, who doesn’t want his name mentioned said, ” We have been loading our vehicles here , before this other group from Ugba came and wanted to take over our park and my group challenged them , tried to stop them ,hence the Genesis of the fight “

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