Strange Son Exhumes and Takes Away My Husband’s Corpse, Threatens My Life and that of My children, Blessing Nwankpa cries to Abia government and other Stakeholders for Help

Lady Blessing Nwankpa

A widow from Mgboko autonomous community in Obingwa LGA,Lady Blessing Ahuama,also known as Blessing Nwankpa and her children have cried out that they are under serious threat and harassment by one Mr Amaechi Ahuama who she described as a strange Son born by a black American to her husband,who exhumed and took away the husband’s corpse after he was buried and has been threatening and harassing her and her children, hence she is appealing to Abia state government,the security agencies, Nigeria police,the Army ,the DSS,the traditional rulers,the youths of Mgboko,the human rights bodies and all other good hearted Abians and Nigerians to come to her aid as her life and those of her children are in great danger and the husband’s corpse also needs to be found and laid back to rest to avert generational abomination in her once known peaceful family.

Hon. Benjamin Nwankpa ‘s Son pleading with all stakeholders to help them

It was gathered that Lady Blessing Nwankpa who wedded with her late husband,Hon. Ben Nwankpa of Mgboko autonomous community in Obingwa LGA of Abia state in May 18, 1991 got to know about the strange Son 3 weeks to her wedding, however since the little boy Amaechi was 4 years old then and abandoned by his mother, Blessing, took in the boy and she had her first son on 20 July ,1991 and they all lived together till February,28th 1993 when her papers were out and she traveled to US .

The Widow that needs stakeholders interventions

It was further learnt that after the death of Hon. Ben Nwankpa and a service song which was organized in United of America by his wife,Lady Blessing Nwankpa,the same Amaechi Nwankpa who was thoroughly aware of the planning of the service of song came with some masked men and disrupted the event.

It was also learnt that Hon Ben Nwankpa who died on the 23rd of July 2022,was laid to rest on December 28, 2022 having performed all the traditional burial rites, including dust to dust .

Further information explained that despite reporting the matter to the Police, the traditional authority and obtaining court order to ensure that the burial went without disruption from the strange Son,Lady Blessing Nwankpa alleged that shortly after dust to dust was performed by her family members,Mr Amaechi Nwankpa arrived at the burial venue with yet to be identified thugs,armed with guns,chased every guest away and headed to the grave of late Hon Ben Nwankpa and exhumed the corpse and disappeared with the corpse and many people who tried stopping him from committing such sacrilegious act were dealt with by him and his gangs.


Narrating her ordeal,lady Blessing said,” I met my husband as a child when I was younger,he was always coming to my house and said this is my wife .

” We reconnected in 1989 and on the spot ,he said Chioma if you were still not married,I will marry you.

On January 6th ,1990 we officially married because we did the traditional wedding.He did not want me immediately to come to US because of the experiences he friends had in bringing their wives with them ,they were given visiting VISA and he preferred to file for me so that I can come over with my Green card which is permanent card.

” We agreed our plan was to do the wedding in US and when I got pregnant and the papers were staying to long ,we changed that plan and decided to do it in Nigeria.

” May 18th ,1991, 3 weeks to that wedding was when my husband called me and notified me that he picked up a son in America that I should not worry and I was obsessed because I felt betrayed because the information should have reached me before I agreed to marry him, I felt deceived, however my mother stepped in and told me that it was not a big deal since he never married the woman .

” Since the boy was 4 years ,I accepted this boy ,3 weeks to my marriage, because I married in my early twenties and my son Victor came July 20th 1991 and we lived together till February,28th ,1993, when my papers were out and I came over to US and because my first son was born in Nigeria ,my husband and Victor had to go to partnernity test at American embassy in Lagos that is the only way they gave him citizenship.

In that 1993,we came I had lived with this strange Son and my son .

What happened on December 28,2022 when my husband was laid to rest .

” On July 23 ,2022 I received a call from one of my husband’s cousins,he told me Aunty ,Dede is dead and I told him to rush him to hospital and he was confirmed dead.

” I returned to Nigeria and later left because the church had not agreed on the date of the burial the All Saints church.

” Few days that I went back to US ,Arch Decean informed me that the Bishop had given December 28,2022 as the burial date and I informed Amaechi and my children, and Amaechi said he would get back to me and he never did .

” I handed over the planning of the burial to them ,my children and Amaechi and I was not part of the planning.

” I did a service of song for my husband in US and the strange son Amaechi came with 8 men wearing masks to disrupt the service of song.

Few days we headed home,all we are receiving is threat , harassment ,there is no where he never threatened us,he threatened the church, community,the elder man,even arrested.

” On December 27 ,2022 ,we brought back the corpse of my husband and we stayed and prayed,all the traditional rites were done .

Hon Ben NWANKPA’s Daughter

Our Decision to take him round the village before burial,the final day and how Ameachi came with thugs and exhumed the corpse

We made a decision to take him round the village and the burial held and he was laid to rest properly and every body was there and after dust to dust,the strange son came fully armed with thugs and hired youths and he exhumed the corpse.

” Our security was there, Vigilante was there and the community,they did not do nothing.

” The Eze of the community was there and tried his best but the strange son refused,Engr Enyinna Nwafor tried and he disagreed,the Eldest man tried and he refused.

” He exhumed the body and took it to an unknown place, probably for rituals.

” The community could not save us,the government that we ran to failed,the judiciary that I ran to get court order to bury my husband,their orders were not honoured,the police,we took the case to failed us ,so how can this happened in Abia state.

” The strange son chased us out of the house ,my husband and I built “


My husband name is Hon.Benjamin Okechukwu Nwankpa

We are from Mgboko Okpulor in Obingwa

Traditional Ruler of my community
HRH , Eze Onyedilazu

The Strange son name

Mr Amaechi Ahuama ( Amaechi Nwankpa)

Finally, Lady Blessing Nwankpa is crying out to Abia state government, the PDP Abia, the YPP Abia, the security agencies, traditional rulers,the youths of Mgboko, and other spirited Abians and Nigerians to come to her aid .



“He has been threatening my children and I since then and our lives are under serious threat

” I am crying out let the boy bring back the corpse and laid him back to rest,the abomination if not averted will become generational.Let him go and pacify the gods so that there will not be any generational thing .

Collaborating the story, the traditional ruler of Mgboko autonomous community HRH Eze Onyedilazu confirmed that the sacrilege actually happened despite their efforts to stop him from committing that .

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