Stop Being Praise Singers To Politicians Daimen Osuji Urges Nigerian youths

By Steve Unegbu

An illustrious son of Igbo land ,High Chief Mel Daimen Osuji has urged Nigerian to stop pursuing individual gains and unite together for the common goals of the country.

The Imo state born Business man, who made this disclosure in Umuahia during a one -Day security campaign organized by the National Orientation Agency in conjunction with the Abia State ministry of information and strategy, called on Nigerian youths to change the political narratives and stop allowing themselves to become political tools in the hands of politicians who have no plans for their future.

He frowned at the behaviors of some of Nigerian youths who are not willing to do anything meaningful to themselves,rather prefer being ‘praise singers to politicians who give them pea nuts to buy their conscience

According to him,” This is what has kept us to where we are today,we make ourselves victims of poor representation.

” When a candidate comes to our way seeking for our support for elective positions,we do not scrutinize them to know if they can adequately represent us.

” We judge them by what they can give to our individual pockets ,so we approach them to settle our pockets individually.

” Individually we are no body,but collectively we are very strong,we can collapse our needs into one unit and then seek for those who will represent our interest .

” Some of our youths are unwilling to do anything meaningful to themselves.They are just going about looking for who will give them money and when politicians give them small coin , they will do whatever they ask them to do.They do not have mind of their own,yet the responsibility to rescue this Nation lies in their hands.

” So we must change the narratives.The problem is there is so much deceit in the society.

” We need to change the narratives .We want a secured safe and prosperous state and country, including local government and the only way we can do it is by defining what we want as Igbo people or group.

” We want infrastructure,we want good roads ,we want education for our children,we want our Public servants to be paid and those of them that served us meritoriously their pension and gratuity paid as at when due ,we want good and functional health system among others” he said.

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