Return Back To Our culture and traditions , Onyinye Ohuhu Calls On NdIgbo

A prominent son of Ohuhu land ,High chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu has called on the Igbos to go back to their culture and traditions ,adding that farming is part of the Igbo culture.


Interacting with Newsmen during the New yam festival ( Iwaji ) at the palace of the traditional ruler of Oriendu autonomous community, HRM Eze, Pastor Ambassador Philip Ajomiwe , Onyinye Ohuhu maintained that ,” When we go back to our culture,our agriculture will be boasted ,our economy will take a new shape.

” We do not have to fight over oil , through agriculture ,there are foods everywhere , there are jobs everywhere,let us go back to our local farming,it is our culture” he insisted.


Speaking further, Onyinye Ohuhu , lamented the dominance of Western culture over the Igbo culture, while calling on the traditional rulers and even the pastors to bring back the Igbo culture ,which he described as “our pride “

” If we regain our culture,it will enhance tourism and part of our culture is agriculture.New yam festival comes from farming.

” My message is ,let us go back to our root ,where we started from ,so that we can be able to get to where we need to be”

According to him , ” There is every need to promote our culture, because any community without culture and traditions, I believe they got it wrong .

” So we have to promote our culture because that is our heritage,that is our history,that is where we started from, that will give us idea ,where we need to be , the Western people have always maintain their culture ,so we need to maintain ours “


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