Our attention has been drawn to a press release by the defeated Abia State PDP and an Arise TV interview granted by one Uzo Azubuike former Deputy Speaker Abia State House of Assembly under the former PDP administration accusing the leadership of the ruling Labour Party of manipulation of the Abia State Election Petition Tribunal.

Abia State PDP among other things had questioned the replacement of the 5 members of the tribunal and the relocation of the sitting to government house, Umuahia including the ongoing Judicial Worker’s Strike as reasons for its fears of manipulation

For the benefit of doubt and without getting into the confusion of the PDP former political office holders still struggling for relevance, we make this clear statement that;

  1. The selection of members of the State Election Petition Tribunal is not the responsibility of Labour Party or any of its leaders including the Executive Governor neither is their sitting and location of meeting decided by any private citizen but by the Court of Appeal
  2. The tribunal was constituted during the last PDP led administration by the court of appeal and do not have any influence of the present ruling party (LP) whether by default or by proxy
  3. The members of the tribunal had cited insecurity certainly orchestrated by members of the PDP led administration while they held sway both during the campaign and after the elections, examples are rife including the open threats, harassment and intimidation by PDP stalwarts; it was so bad that the Department of State Services (DSS) have to arrest the Director of Abia State Signage and Advertisement Agency, Tony Otuonye, over threats to kill any Abia electorate who votes against the Peoples Democratic Party governorship (PDP) candidate in Abia.
  4. Memories of the attempted fracas at infamous Obingwa collation center that led to the manhandling of INEC officials by thugs allegedly hired by PDP chieftain are all evidences of the insecurities created by members of the former PDP led administration.
  5. Therefore if the members of the Abia State Election Petition Tribunal has found the need to return to a peaceful Abia after the exit of PDP, does it not call for remorse and soul searching on the side of the defeated members of the PDP
  6. On the occasion of the striking judicial workers and the closure of the court premises, it is unfortunate that the leadership of the PDP has neither shame nor remorse to even cite such a situation and tag Labour Party alongside their complete display of crass ignorance at why JUSUN went on strike under their administration

More so, the Abia State PDP is in the tribunals to prove that Labour Party do not have any candidate according to the 2022 electoral law as amended therefore they should be declared winner of the 2023 gubernatorial elections

One may be tempted to ask, what exactly do members of the PDP want from Abia people with evidences of their wanton looting and ruin virtually at all sectors of governance that has subjected residents of the state to a miserable economic situation.
The government house that is referenced in the Press Release may have served as an alternative helpless abode among all the ruined public infrastructure in the state and should never have been contemplated at all for any public function if there was a better facility as virtually all the government facilities are overgrown with bushes and rodents

It is no gainsaying that Abia people has been delivered from the criminal grip of political hostage takers and their demise permanently sealed with the victory of Dr. Alex Otti and Labour Party on the 18th March 2023.
Abia is undergoing healing and a thorough cleaning process under the Dr. Alex Otti LP led administration and do not appear to have the time to engage a confused gang of perpetual experimental political officers holders that has been kicked out and rejected by the people of the state.

Thank you and God bless
I remain humble

Njoku Jerry Ajike
State Publicity Secretary, LP ABIA

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