Prof. Ekwerike Invents Mosquito Repel Drug

By Steve Unegbu

 A new health preventive drug which is the first of its kind that repels mosquito  from biting human beings has been invented and officially presented to the International health Preventive  Practitioners Summit holden in USA by the inventing researchers & sponsors of Science Medicine Research Institute, Texas USA led by Prof. Alphonsus Ekwerike , the Research Director & President of the Institute. 

Prof. Ekwerike while addressing Newsmen , explained that Mosquito menace in the country contributes to early deaths, poverty & backwardness,saying  the health of Nigerians and those living in tropical countries should be taken seriously.

The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party Imo Governorship candidate ,Professor Alphonsus Ekwerike ,revealed that  preventive health drugs and proactive healthcare deliveries should be made affordable to keep our society safer from mosquito,malaria and drug side effects. 

Ekwerike who is now attending medical conference in the United States of America, maintained that this drug is safe for human use .

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