President Buhari’s Speech In London

Buhari’s Speech In London That Got Everyone Talking

Groundbreaking speech Buhari delivered in London that swept people off their feet

On Saturday, Number One Nigerian Citizen, President Muhammadu Buhari, released a Speech in London, concerning the recent Closure of Nigeria’s borders which Stopped Import Businesses In the country.

Torixus Media Previously Reported that the Nigerian Government under the authority of the Leader, President Buhari issued a Strong Ban On Import of Products especially agricultural Products.

He noted that Nigerian Farmers have been celebrating the closure, which has drastically reduced smuggling of agricultural produce, as well as arms and ammunition. President Buhari attributed the country’s virtual food security position to the “very good last three rainy seasons”, the Federal Government’s reduction in the price of fertilizers by 50 percent, and the Presidential directive to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, not to give foreign exchange for food imports, thereby saving the nation billions of naira.

However, he said that the Judgement of the Nigerian Council to stop importation of Agricultural products and other Stuffs is not to wicked African Countries within the Arena of Giant of Africa.

During an Open Meeting with A Nigerian Group in united Kingdom, The President Said that Within The Period of Boarder Closure that the country Is On watch on threats to Nigerian’s Economic Growth and Security

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