Portrait of a consummate manager of men and resources

Uche Akym Onyekwere is an extraordinary Disasporan. In 2000, he left Nigeria for the United States of America in search of the Golden Fleece. Today, his modest achievements and adventures show that he is indeed, living his dream. And for many years now, he has inspired and encouraged many young people across colour, tribe and creed. But his greatest attribute as a young leader, is his resolve to dedicate the remaining years of his life to the service of his people.

For Onyekwere, living in the US does not come with any illusion. He knows the conditions back home because he understands Nigeria and the challenges of governance; after all, he is also a product of the Nigerian system. But unlike other Nigerians especially those in the Diaspora, he has the unique advantage of evaluating Nigeria critically from within and without. As a matter of fact, Onyekwere knows the issues, not just as an ordinary Nigeria but as a patriot who thinks and feels Nigeria. He also knows and values what good education, skills, dedication and seriousness can do to a people no matter their conditions.

In many ways, he is an exemplary Nigerian-American. For those who may not have come in contact with him, he is straightforward and firm. He also has his own independent and dynamic opinion. In addition, he has his unique and unimpeachable views on social, economic, political and cultural issues. Yet, he does not impose his opinions on others who feel differently. And because he is very aware of the limits of his good education, breeding, exposure and travels, he is always ready to bring on board, knowledgeable people with other views.

Onyekwere is a young leader who sets realistic goals. He is also passionate about social justice, liberty, equality, cooperation, good leadership and good life for the greater number. But it will be a disservice to talk about this great Nigerian without speaking of his endowments and confidence. He is also articulate, well educated, steady and rational.


Name: Uche Akym Onyekwere

Date of birth: September 9, 1974

Home: Amaba, Isuikwuato Local Government Area

State of origin: Abia

Educational qualifications: Udi Road Primary School, Asata, Enugu, Enugu State; College of Immaculate Conception, CIC, Enugu and Abia State University, BSc Economics

Marital status: Married with children.

Hobbies: Table tennis, soccer and kickboxing. He is also a lover of financial books and nature.

Charities: Empowerment opportunities which include cars and tricycles for transport business; medical expenses for a group of beneficiaries; scholarship for some indigent young students and refurbishment of hostels in a few schools in his community

Mission: First, to work for humanity and our common world. I shall also work diligently for the best interest of my people, using all my endowments, including my skills, education and connections across the world for their good. But above all, I wish to inspire a new generation of thinkers and confident young people who see no barriers in their pursuits.

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