Police Brutality: Family of Slain Arunsi Petitions Abia Judicial Panel


ABIA [Ohafia Police Brutality]: Family of Slain Francis Arunsi Petitions Abia Judicial Panel of Inquiry

ABIA [Ohafia Police Brutality]: Family of Slain Francis Arunsi Petitions Abia Judicial Panel of Inquiry

The family of Late Mr Francis Arunsi ,the 19 years old young boy who was gruesomely murdered by a drunken Police Constable on Friday 17th April ,2020 at Ebem Ohafia during the COVID-19 lockdown which spark outrage among the people of Ohafia and Abia state in general ,has submitted a petition to the judicial panel of inquiry of police brutality and extra judicial killings by security agencies in Abia State.

In the petition which was signed by Chief Kingsheart Ubani Kalu Ukpai on behalf of the deceased which was sited by AFNEWS the family demanded among other things ;

-Justice for the murdered Francis Arunsi, by ensuring that the trigger hungry police officer who they alleged has being under protective custody from the time of the incident till date ,should be made to face the full wrath of the law by being prosecuted in accordance with the law of the land .The family of the deceased said this will prove that no one is entitled to take away the life of any person as adequately enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

-The family also demanded for compensation for losing Francis Arunsi, his family the Umua Nneibo Maternal Family described him as a promising young man and an upcoming star,who was killed by a trigger hungry drunken police officer, for this the family demanded for adequate compensation from the authorities concerned.

-Among the demands made by the Umua Nneibo maternal family is the reformation of the Nigerian Police Force.The family in their petition stated that the reformation of the Nigerian Police Force is very essential, as the primary duty of any government is the protection of lives and properties of her citizens and not being killed by those who are expected to protect them.The family stated that,they would not like another family to experience or pass through the trauma they the Umua Nneibo maternal family passed through.

So they demanded that the Police authority should ensure that the officers and men of the Nigerian Police Force work according to the ethics of the police profession.

The family also stated that,this the time to bring to account the atrocities committed by bad elements in the Nigerian Police Force.It called on the Nigerian Police Force to demonstrate to the people that impunity would no longer be tolerated among its officers and men.

The family also expressed its confidence ,that the Abia State Judicial Panel of Inquiry will solve the problems already created by the irate police office who killed their son Francis Arunsi and other extra judicial killings by security agents in Abia State as well as prevent future re-occurrence of such incident


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