Ovim Community Unveils Economic Project To create future economic Corridors To the Youths

Ovim Economic Project Unveils at Obayi hall

The people of Ovim Community in Isukwuato local government area of Abia state has unveiled Ovim Economic project which was initiated by the community league,set up to establish, strengthen and encourage business and entrepreneurial growth as well as encourage youths of Ovim to develop skills that will help them stay relevant in a fast -paced Global village, create avenues for business conversations and build a viable project that will help to achieve entrepreneurial growth,while ensuring the sustainability of ideal projects without losing the strength and steam of such projects.

Addressing the mammoth gathering of Ovim people at the Obayi town hall Ovim Isukwuato LGA in Abia state during the Ovim Economic Forum,with the theme’ Expanding Our Youth Income Corridors’ ,the President-General of Ovim Community chief Godswill Egbe said, he has a futuristic view of what he want to do from the time he campaigned to become President General of the community.

PG of Ovim Chief Egbe

According to him, ” I thought about what I know how to do, which is to work in some Communities, develop their economies and understand the problem of Communities.

“So, I started by focusing on what are the problems,where are we coming from what do we need to do now.

” We need to stabilize the community by looking at those things we need to know .

” My community should be well put together to attract people at the urban areas to come back, having the appetite to come back home ,so that their wealth will be harnessed by people who live at home.

“My major focus is for people living in the community and residents to make enough legal economic corridors and to ensure enough businesses are going round the community which will make them make enough money like those in the urban areas” he said.

Interacting with Newsmen , the Chairman of Ovim Economic Forum and Senior Special Assistance to FCT minister on health and hospital management,Dr Ejike orji said that the major driver of youth restiveness in Nigeria is population dynamics,added that about 70% of the population is under the age of 30, meaning that we have a lot of young people in the country who are not meeting their aspirations on daily basis.

He disclosed that according to report 70% of Nigerian population are dependent, meaning that only 30% is independent and working to support those who are dependent, showing that there are abject poverty in Nigeria.

Dr Ejike Orji

He opined that because most youths are not gainfully employed, they become easy targets for criminal, religious bigots and unscrupulous politicians to be recruited , noting that “it is only when we reduce the population of unemployed youths that the issue of youth restiveness is going to stop.

” In Ovim community we are thinking and creating future for all ovumites to be gainfully employed and earn a living,take care of their families as well as their parents”

Addressing Newsmen shortly after the event,the former Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika(rtd) and chairman of the occasion called on Nigeria leaders to confront massive unemployment among the youths saying that it is important as a way of mopping up idle hands which is one of major causes of youth restiveness in the country.

According to him,”I think the project we have in mind today which we are unveiling has capacity to employ youths in their large numbers”.

He pointed out that, some of the programmes stocked inside the project do not have long gestation period meaning that they will not take time for their benefits to begin to manifest.

Lt General AZUBUIKE IhejirikaExif_JPEG_420

He however,frowned that despite all the investments in Agriculture by the recent past government such as FADAMA, Anchor Borrower programme among others, that Nigeria still depends so much on importation of agricultural commodities,while maintaining that much need to be done in agricultural development especially in modern system of agriculture in Nigeria and in the south eastern region in particular.

He revealed that the Ovim Economic Forum team has employed the services of lots of experienced professionals who will come and train the youths as well as provide answers to all questions needed in modern system of farming.

Ugoeze of Ovim

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