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The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Imo State
chapter, has been drawn to the ludicrous and shameful ranting of the
former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, yesterday, August 21,
2019, upon his return to the state from his self imposed exile in

The former Governor, who ordinarily should have quietly retired to his
home upon arrival in Owerri, considering his perfidious and shameful
eight years gross misrule in Imo, rather chose to throw caution to the
wind by attacking Governor Emeka Ihedioha unwarrantedly. To Okorocha,
Governor Ihedioha is his albatross, who must be demonized at all cost
for him (Okorocha) to enjoy a breath of fresh air. To us, Okorocha’s
morbid fears are quite understandable.

However, it is disgusting to note that the former Governor who
mismanaged Imo people’s goodwill and left the state dilapidated and
massively impoverished in all facets, still had the impudence to
appear in public, believing that Imo people have short memory. By his
utterances, Okorocha attempted to incite his hired supporters from
neighbouring states into provoking Imo people to respond
commensurately which could have precipitated something ugly if not for
the maturity and restraint exhibited by Imo people.

The PDP as a masses party, believes however, that the goodwill and
abiding faith of His Excellency, Governor Emeka Ihedioha in ‘Rule of
Law’ should not be misconstrued by a shameless lawbreaker, electoral
fraudster, tyrant, oppressor of civil servants and pensioners in Imo,
as an act of cowardice. For Okorocha to make Governor Ihedioha object
of discussion, on his return to the state, several months after he ran
away from the state out fear of being lynched, portrays him as a petty
schemer and drowning man, who wants to attach his imminent disgraceful
downfall on the PDP government in Imo.

As a party, we insist that Okorocha must be made to account for his
colossal stewardship for eight years as governor. Answers by Okorocha
to the following questions must be provided before he can shamelessly
seek to hold a government which is barely three months to

1. What is Okorocha’s relationship with Zigreat Nigeria Ltd, a
fictitious company without address which he used to siphon over N30
billion belonging to the Imo State Government when he held sway as

2. Okorocha claims he never molested or harassed anybody as a sitting
governor. What of what transpired on August 5, 2011, when he sent his
thugs led by Chief Placid Ekwueme from Ohaji/Egbema LGA to invade HRM,
Eze (Dr) Cletus Ilomuanya’s residence at Civic Centre Layout, Owerri?
Till date, he has refused to pay the N10 million slammered on him by
the Federal High Court, Owerri for such unlawful invasion and
harassment of the monarch. This is one out of series of other
intimidations/harassments Imo people suffered under Okorocha’s
tyrannical rule.

3. How much did Okorocha spend in the construction of the meaningless
and economical non-viable monument he called “Akachi” on somebody’s
land against a court order? The almost N700 million reportedly wasted
on that shamble of a project should have been used to pay our
pensioners. How can a man be that reckless?.

4. What were the occupations of his wife, Nkechi Okorocha and
daughter, Uloma before Okorocha became governor? Within eight years,
all of them became billionaires overnight courtesy of Imo people’s
fund while workers salaries were wickedly and inhumanly slashed to
suit their lust to steal public money.

5. Why is the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) now a
regular visitor to only Okorocha and his family members? Flies can
only hover where there are rotten edible items. Okorocha and his
family stink of graft and must be made to account for every dime
stolen from Imo treasury. His eight years misrule has left Imo
bleeding profusely financially.

The PDP, Imo State views Olorocha’s recent senseless outburst against
the PDP led government in the state as diversionary tactics but Imo
people are too wise to fall for such criminal gimmick. We also wish to
caution him to be mindful of his conducts as he is not above the law.
He must know that because “the crocodile opened its mouth wide for
river birds to peck at, does not mean it has lost the power to bite”.

It is only a swollen headed person like Okorocha, who does not
appreciate the essence of tapping form the wealth of experience of
tested and accomplished technocrats like those Hon. Commissioners
appointed by Governor Ihedioha, whom Okorocha referred to in his
insipid diatribe. Making such reference only proves how empty Okorocha
is and why he ran Imo aground with his bunch of neophytes because of
his inordinate ambition to create a political dynasty of thieves under
his supreme command.

Okorocha must know that Imo people will no longer tolerate his nuisance
anymore. Gone are the days when jesters and touts held sway in Imo. The
present government in Imo under His Excellency, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha
is determined to serve the people honestly and sincerely in line with his
Rebuild Agenda for the State. As a democrat, he will abide by the rule
of law which include not disrupting any lawful assembly or infringing
on people’s right to freedom of movement or association.

However, such should not be abused by Okorocha and his goons any
further. Calling for civil resistance against a government without
justification as Okorocha did, is daring the government’s will to
enforce law and order in the state. Such shall no longer be tolerated.

Enough is enough.

Damian Oparah
Publicity Secretary

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