Ogunji Was Vocal,Fearless and Jovial ….Hon.Blessing Nwagba


With rude shock I received the news of the death of my brother in the politics of Aba North , Abia South and Abia State , my brother in the liberation struggle of Aba North and Ukwa Ngwa , my campaign director in the 2015 Aba North House of Assembly rerun election, Hon. Dr. Solomon Nwabo Ogunji, 3.00am that faithful Sunday .
Ogunji as I called had been a part of my about 30years political career .
He lived in my local government area virtually all his life . Ogunji was a man whose commitment to and determination for any course he undertook was unequaled . He was vocal , fearless, jovial , a great mobilizer, a dogged leader who led by example. Ogunji was our “A gam egbu mmadu”(I will kill somebody). He was boisterous and full of energy.
I have been so stunned and unable to come to terms with the fact that we shall have no Ogunji in our politics , local, state or national. I have been too stunned at life to react .
It is truly unbelievable !
I recall how I called him to mobilize and go to Umuahia by 2.00am and be back to Aba before 5.30am two days to my rerun election in search of support . I recall how we both mobilized all of Abia South senatorial district for my rerun and to victory even as some were sabotaging out efforts .
I recall that faithful day INEC was reeling out results of Gov Okezie Ikpeazu , Dr Alex Oti and others’ 2015 gubernatorial election. He was in there as the returning officer for PDP while all of us including Sen. Abaribe were keeping vigil in our cars outside the gate of INEC. Ogunji saved the day , he saved our victory, he blew the whistle, he raised the alarm, he saved our ever-desired and ever longed-for governorship of Ukwa Ngwa extraction.
Even when we carried Igbe Ozu ( coffin ) years back on Umuahia-Aba express way demanding our liberation as Ukwa Ngwa people, Ogunji was there.
From where do I begin to recount and narrate our political strives and endeavors together ?
Nature they say abhors vacuum. I wouldn’t know whether it applies in this case .
Dear Ogunji, we are in tears for loosing you in our course . We would ever mourn you .
I want to, on behalf of Total Blessing Campaign Organization which you drove to victory , actualising my second tenure bid in the House of Assembly ,ask that you rest in perfect peace .
I want to , on behalf of all of us politicians in Abia state wish you a peaceful rest .
May we also stop loosing our young tigers in the course of Ukwa Ngwa and Abia state .
This definitely is one too many !
Enough is enough !
May God please hear us .

Signed :
Hon. Dame Blessing Nwagba PhD .

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