January 15, 2021

NMA Boss Encourages Police Officers and other people To check their Health Status from time To Time

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Barely two days after organizing public awareness on cancers ,free breast and cervical cancer screening for Aba residents at NMA Aba zone secretariat ,the Nigerian Medical Association Abia chapter has as part of their Physician ‘s week 2019 activities ,organized¬† non- communicable diseases screening for Abia police officers at the Central Police Station Umuahia .
Addressing the police officers at the central police Station, the Chairman Nigerian Medical Association Abia state, Dr (Mrs) Carol Iwuoha ,described routine screening as the key to maintaining healthy living,saying it is necessary because there are conditions in the body that may not present with obvious symptoms, but they are there and can be detected during screening.
According to the NMA Boss, they decided to screen and care for the police officers because ,” We see them as partners in offering social services to the people and we felt it is an opportunity to show them this care in the midst of their busy schedules to have an opportunity to be screened ,so that they can also live healthy and serve the people “
In a chat with newsmen ,Dr Iwuoha described non- communicable diseases as those diseases that can not be transmitted from one person to another ,such as hypertension, diabetes among others ,adding that if one eats or sleeps in the same bed with one that is diabetic, it can not be transmitted through contact with the sufferer ,revealing that they are inherent or life style factor.
While urging people to carry out routine medical check up ,she maintained that , ” there are people that we screened today that did not know that they are hypertensive but by the reason of this screening ,they have now known ,in the same vein ,there people that were diabetic and felt it has gone ,but by this screening, they realized that their blood sugar level is not yet controlled .
She stated that what they are doing is their own way of giving back to society and part of their corporate responsibilities.
In his speech, a consultant on non -communicable at Abia state teaching hospital ,Dr B.U .Onyemachi ,described non communicable diseases as killer diseases that do not give notices ,pointed out that sometimes people get to know about such sickness in situation like screening.
He harped on the need for people to check how they are faring and attend to their health system, noting that even machines from time to time are taken to experts for services.
Speaking further, he said , ” you can see that quite a lot of police officers attended and have benefited from the screening .It is important that from time to time, we should encourage people to go for medical check up “
Earlier on after carrying out his own screening, the police D.P.O in charge of the Central police station Umuahia ,S.P . Stephen Onwochei ,commended the NMA for organizing such medical check up for them ,describing it as a good thing saying someone that is working needs to be checking his health status always to ensure that he is fit .
He described health as wealth ,encouraging NMA to remember police officers when ever such programs are organized, describing it as laudable.
He stated that ,” As you can see it , I have done my own screening and the doctors have confirmed that I am 100 percent healthy .So I encourage others to go for medical check up “

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