NMA Abia Lauds Gov. Ikpeazu for Renewed Commitment And Promises To Residency Training at ABSUTH

The NMA Abia state has expressed appreciation to the Executive Governor of Abia state ,Dr Okezie Ikpeazu for the renewed commitment and promises to residency training at ABSUTH.

This was made known by the NMA Abia state chairman , Dr Chimezie Okwuonu , during a joint press conference on the issue of the on going nation wide strike by Resident Doctors association held at NMA Abia office Umuahia .

According to them ,”
We appreciate his Excellency the Executive Governor of Abia state ,Dr Okezie Ikpeazu , for accepting to study the Medical Residency Training Act of 2017 with appropriate funding for possible domestication in Abia State within twenty days, for his resolve to ensure prompt payment of monthly salary to our members with effect from April 2021, for his acknowledgement of owing our members in ABSUTH salary arrears, for his promise to release about Eighty Million Naira (N80,000,000.00) for the re-accreditation of residency training programme at ABSUTH within ten (10) days “

The Leadership of NMA Abia therefore ,has reiterated her commitment to synergize with the State government in the area of quality health care delivery in Abia

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