Nigeria@59,Nigerians React..

By Steve Unegbu


Nigeria @59 ,Nigerians React !

Any nation at 59 ,should be able to have recorded outstanding and conspicuous development in all spheres of life ,especially in the areas of economic development and unity among her citizens, but from the pulses of people interviewed by SouthEast Breaking News  ,it appears majority of opinions from people indicate that Nigerians are not happy with what the country is passing through.
Many Nigerians are of the opinion that instead of progressing  that the country is facing serious developmental challenges that are pushing her backwards
.In this analysis ,Steve Unegbu interacted with some Nigerians to get their pulses and way forward.
Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901 .Colonization lasted until 1960 .When an independence movement succeeded in gaining Nigeria  its independence .Nigeria first became a republic in 1963 but succumbed to military rule three years later after a bloody coup d’ etat .Nigeria was granted independent on October 1 ,1960 .A new constitution established a federal system .
Since independence Nigeria has been facing many developmental problems such as disunity ,tribalism, religious crisis ,bad leadership ,greed ,mismanagement ,corruption ,presently high level of insecurity as a result of Boko haram ,Herdsmen clashes ,Kidnapping and other sundry crimes which are destroying the fabrics of the nation foundation.
When Southeast breaking news visited  some Nigerians  ,below   are their reactions ,the Deputy vice chancellor of Michael Okpara university of Agriculture ,umudike ,professor Madu Iwe ,has this to say ,” Nigeria doing well or not is relative. That we still have  sitting governments at various levels show we are standing as a nation. However, we are very far from addressing and solving imminent threats to our existence as a nation. Our people have taken to godlessness and anarchy and the land has been polluted with corruption and bloodshed. Very simple amenities are lacking and governance is dull. A lot more need to be done” he said  .And for Abia state chairman public Service Joint Negotiating Council and a labour leader in the state, Comrade Chris Okoro .
“Nigeria as a nation has done well but the leaders of Nigeria has not tried at all. Nigeria is still respected, recognise as giant of Africa and also member of other international body but when you  come home, you know that Nigerians are suffering because  of the characters of their leaders”
 For Prince Chukwuma Kalu Udensi ,an Engineer and the BOT chairman of Ohaneze Ndigbo Football Federation, ” There is no doubt that Nigeria is not doing well ,Nigeria was probably doing better some years back ,recently we are just behind other countries ,we really have to rethink ,we really have to politically know where we are going to .We as a nation ,you can not compare us to other nations. We are just too backwards ,so in my view Nigeria has fallen ,so we have to do something about it .It is very important .Politically ,the country is like it is divided into religious groups ,if you look at the number of main positions in the country, the military ,all the top positions are led by one ethnic group. It is not good .When you talk of political appointments now how many southerners are in top positions. In general I think we are not doing well “
Nollywood Actress who spoke with the Southeast Breaking News , chief Brenda Eve Ndukwe,”Nigeria as a country is a blessed country but many things seems not to be well taking care of. Imagine our graduates after school no job, and the ones working already are not paid. To me Nigeria hasn’t done well for herself. My prayer for Nigeria is that God will open the inner eyes of the government to see the things they need to work on,give them  wisdom and strength to carry on with their duties effectively “
 HRH Eze Ambrose Nwagwu who spoke to SouthEast breaking News, said , “The Nigerian 59th independent celebration is a joyous moment for the nation has witnessed unprecedented advancement in aspects of human endeavors, sociopolitical, human development, infrastructure and what have you, though we are not still where we ought to be given our natural endowment,, as we celebrate I  call on government on all levels to seriously look into the insecurity around the country, l wish all of us happy celebration, long live the federal republic of Nigeria “
For KC Emmanuel, a business man , ” From my own rating Nigeria is not doing well. Nigeria is not doing anything,they have no road,light etc ,if you opportune to travel outside this country, even those we had independence before them have gone far. Whereas we have whatever it takes to build a great nation ,yet our leaders are not doing anything. The way forward is for the youths to take over from these old men “
Speaking to Southeast breaking news Sir Gabriel Onyendilefu ,a former Abia state Accountant general and Abia state Commissioner Nominee , ” we thank God that Nigeria is still united at 59th .As a nation ,we have come along way .Having come this far ,it is not without some problems. This  has been essentially in the area of insecurity. We are praying to God to give our leaders the requisite knowledge with which to keep the country united ” while for
Rev Bobson Idika ,president and founder Ohaneze Ndigbo Football Federation, it has been ups and down”
And for
Dr Alwell Onukaogu ,an academia ,and a rector of a polytechnic in Abia state  , ” we have not done well at 59,during my school days ,if it were just left for my parents, I would probably not gone to school.Government had really plans ,they knew how many people were in school.They knew how to provide for them .In fact at Nsukka then ,they gave us vacation jobs ,but today ,nothing, where are the scholarship boards .we are not doing well, but we can wake  and do better .The leaders should put the people first ,remove personal aggrandizement, throw away vanities and we will be great again “

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