Nigeria Will Not Be Known in Most Countries Without The Igbos,says Dr Ogundu

…Have you been to Malaysia. I have been to Malaysia to deliver lectures. I went to their Malls and Market Squares and the only Nigerians i saw doing business there are all Igbos.

I saw over 25 stores belonging to Igbos. Without the Igbos, Nigeria will not be known in most countries of the world outside the embassy.

There are more Igbo professionals including doctors, engineers and business executives in any country outside Nigeria than any African ethnic group. The same was the case when I visited Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea. Have you seen any of your people in these countries competing with the natives.

Start raising your children to learn how to compete instead of being jealous of those that have the ability to beat you in every sphere of life.

Dr-Joseph Ogundu

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