Nigeria As A Nation Is Very Sick ,With alot of Injustice…. Opoko

The Methodist Archbishop of Umuahia diocese , Most Rev.Dr Chibuzor Opoko has declared that Nigeria as a nation is very sick and that what is happening in the country is bad.

He said there is injustice and unhealthy situations in the country,adding that security is more apparent than real .

The Archbishop disclosed this while addressing Newsmen shortly after the opening ceremony of the 88th National Women’s Fellowship conference ,with a theme ,’ Watch and pray ‘ held at Wesley Methodist Cathedral Umuahia, Abia state.

He noted that people are afraid even to go out ,adding that despite the call for restructuring of the country ,yet it seems people are not listening

He however faulted the leadership levels in the country, and even the clergy are not doing what they supposed to do.

” The nation is very sick .what they are doing is bad in this nation .There is injustice,there is unhealthy situations.

” And the problem is leadership at all levels.We are all to be blamed .The clergy are refusing to speak out the way they should speak out.
” Politicians are playing their games of politics and what we are dealing with is the lives of human beings,no body can governor a state or nation without human beings”

He decried the level of killings going on in the country, pointing out that ,” people are killed , beheaded , kidnapped and the kind of blood that is being spilled on daily basis, and all these things are happening that is why our women need to pray”

Speaking on the issue of Sit at home order, he said , ” I will prefer sit -at home ,I want to be honest .I don’t want anybody carrying arms or being violent. What I condemn is any body getting violent,but sit at home in order to show that there is injustice ,I don’t think ,there is anything wrong with it .

” I sat at home, when covid-19 came all of them sat at home for 20 or more days .

” What I am saying is if this is the only way that can give the impression , some people argue for economic activities,but when covid-19 came did the economic activities draw back not take place , I don’t think there is any problem .The only problem is violence.I do not want violence,if it is only sit at home that can register displeasure of all Igbos every where in the world ,not only in the Southeast , But what I hate is violence. Do not carry arms , I am not asking you to secede ,what I am asking is let the injustice be addressed”

Bishop Opoko urged the women to pray and being constantly on their knees.” They should know that God hears their prayers”

In her speech the national president of Methodist Church Of Nigeria National Women Fellowship, Nneoma Florence N Uche,urged women to pray earnestly in line with the conference theme.
” Our prayers will focus on family , community ,the church and Nigeria and God will end the incidence of insecurity ,which is prevalent at the moment”
She said that ,” our Lord Jesus Christ showed us an example where He started with prayer and end with prayer. So I want all of you to see this meeting as a retreat for prayer.’

In her speech,the wife of Abia state governor ,Dr Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu, congratulated the women , said the theme of their conference is timely at a time like this.
She enjoined them to be vigilant and prayerful. ” I am challenging every godly woman to pray ,use every opportunity” she said.

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